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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What happens to those invited on board the alien ship?
(a) They are executed.
(b) They are levitated on board.
(c) They are morphed into different beings.
(d) They are beamed on board.

2. What does Rikki Stormgren show Alexander Wainwright in Stormgren's office?
(a) A photograph of Karellen.
(b) A recording of discussions between Karellen and his supervisors.
(c) The draft of the World State's constitiution.
(d) Instructions for the Freedom League after Rikki Stormgren's death.

3. Why does Rupert Boyce hold special interest for the aliens?
(a) The aliens are interested in his library.
(b) The aliens are interested in his veterinary work.
(c) The aliens are interested in his political views.
(d) The aliens are interested in his new wife.

4. How does Karellen free Rikki Stormgren?
(a) Rikki Stormgren is beamed aboard the invaders' ship.
(b) Rikki Stormgren is put in a temporary coma.
(c) The exterior walls of Rikki Stormgren's cell are blasted away.
(d) By communicating through floating spheres.

5. What special day does Chapter 5 deal with?
(a) The day the aliens reveal themselves.
(b) The day the aliens begin their methodical destruction of mankind.
(c) The day the aliens go back to their home planet.
(d) The day the aliens give ultimatums to Earth.

Short Answer Questions

1. Where do the aliens come from?

2. Who is the first person Rikki Stormgren meets after his abduction?

3. In Chapter 11, what does Jan Rodricks want Professor Sullivan to help him do?

4. What biblical story does Jan Rodricks refer to in his farewell letter?

5. What is Pieter Van Ryberg's theory?

Short Essay Questions

1. Who is Rikki Stormgren, and what is his role?

2. How do the Overlords intimidate humans with a ruse?

3. What does Karellen tell Professor Sullivan about the whale display upon seeing it for the first time, and what is the significance of what he says ?

4. Why are people worldwide grieving after George Greggson and Jean Morrel's children begin to change?

5. What events are foreshadowed when the Inspector shares his report with Karellen after meeting with the New Athens council?

6. Who is Pierre Duval, and what is his significance in the story?

7. What is the relationship between Reinhold Hoffmann and the Russian scientist Konrad Schneider?

8. What does Reinhold Hoffmann see in the night sky over the island of Taratura, and what does it imply?

9. What is Karellen's philosophy about world order that he shares with Rikki Stormgren?

10. What is the role of the American scientist Reinhold Hoffmann?

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