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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Whom does George Greggson believe saves his eldest son from the tsunami?
(a) A dolphin.
(b) The invaders.
(c) The Coast Guard.
(d) His mother.

2. What island do George Greggson and Jean Morrel visit?
(a) New Amsterdam.
(b) New Albany.
(c) New Agribah.
(d) New Athens.

3. What does Rashaverak suggest that George Greggson and Jean Morrel do as their children begin to change in mental and physical abilities?
(a) Ask the children to teach their parents the same abilities.
(b) Move their family to an island of the invaders' choosing.
(c) Spend as much time with their children as possible.
(d) Hide their children from the crisis that is to come.

4. What is the name of George Greggson's oldest son?
(a) Jeffrey.
(b) Joey.
(c) George.
(d) Jeremy.

5. Why is Professor Sullivan sad in Chapter 13?
(a) He believes that Jan Rodricks should stay on Earth.
(b) He realizes he will not be able to do any more research on the aliens.
(c) He knows he will never see Jan Rodricks again.
(d) He believes that he should be stowing away on the alien ship.

6. What do George Greggson and Jean Morrel spend as much time as possible doing?
(a) Being with their son.
(b) Planning the future.
(c) Being with their pets.
(d) Conversing with the invaders.

7. What happens to the Earth?
(a) It burns.
(b) It disintegrates.
(c) It is reborn.
(d) It is covered totally by water.

8. What does Vindarten do with Jan Rodricks?
(a) Explains the invaders' true purpose for visiting Earth.
(b) Tours the planet with him.
(c) Shows Jan Rodricks the future.
(d) Plants his own thoughts in Jan Rodricks' mind.

9. What comes as a warning prior to the tsunami?
(a) A siren.
(b) Police going door-to-door.
(c) A television broadcast.
(d) A telepathic warning from the invaders.

10. What bothers George Greggson about Jan Rodricks?
(a) That he will not age as much as those on Earth.
(b) That he will have information about the invaders that no one else has.
(c) That he will not return to Earth.
(d) That he will most likely die in space.

11. Where does Karellen send one of his fellow invaders?
(a) To Athens.
(b) To Mars Hill.
(c) To Corinth.
(d) To Ephesus.

12. What does Jeffrey Greggson dream about after his family has relocated to its new home?
(a) The invaders.
(b) His parents.
(c) Other planets and solar systems.
(d) Girls.

13. What is the name of George Greggson's daughter?
(a) Jennifer Anne.
(b) Elizabeth Anne.
(c) Pepper Anne.
(d) Carol Anne.

14. What do the remaining people on New Athens do after the aliens take action with their children?
(a) Plot how to rescue their children.
(b) Decide how to live the rest of their lives.
(c) Dissolve into mass warfare.
(d) Band together to defeat the aliens.

15. What does the device Karellen employs in the pressroom do?
(a) It turns the pressroom into a makeshift planetarium
(b) It causes those attending the press conference to accept everything they hear from Karellen.
(c) It gives those attending the press conference the ability to see the future.
(d) It discerns the thoughts of all those attending the press conference.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Jan Rodricks see in the museum he visits?

2. What is the name of the invaders' home planet?

3. What does watching what the invaders do with the children remind George Greggson of?

4. What is causing grief to people all over the world?

5. The greatest achievement of the people in the island community comes in what field?

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