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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is Jennifer Greggson able to do as she begins to show evidences of change in Chapter 18?
(a) Levitate.
(b) Shake a rattle without touching it.
(c) Read her parents' minds.
(d) Speak in the same language as the invaders.

2. What does Karellen state was the reason for his occupation of Earth?
(a) To keep humans from destroying themselves.
(b) To unite all the nations of the Earth under a one-world government.
(c) To stop the advancements in science that would have potentially destroyed Earth.
(d) To keep humans fron destroying the Earth.

3. What is the name of the inactive volcano on the island?
(a) Vesuvius.
(b) Mt. Doom.
(c) Corinth.
(d) Sparta.

4. What is unique about the island George Greggson and Jean Morrel visit?
(a) It is a colony made up of zoologists.
(b) It is a colony made up of astronomers.
(c) It is a colony made up of artists.
(d) It is a colony made up of professors.

5. What comes as a warning prior to the tsunami?
(a) A television broadcast.
(b) Police going door-to-door.
(c) A siren.
(d) A telepathic warning from the invaders.

6. What does Vindarten do with Jan Rodricks?
(a) Explains the invaders' true purpose for visiting Earth.
(b) Tours the planet with him.
(c) Shows Jan Rodricks the future.
(d) Plants his own thoughts in Jan Rodricks' mind.

7. What does Jan Rodricks see has happened to the children of Earth?
(a) They have been scattered to all the continents of Earth.
(b) They all look identical.
(c) They have taken on the appearance of the invaders.
(d) They have all been located together on one continent.

8. What does Rashaverak tell George Greggson and Jean Morrel about their children?
(a) The children would be transported to the invader's home planet.
(b) The children would be the last citizens of Earth.
(c) They were randomly chosen for an experiment by a higher power.
(d) The aliens chose the children for immortality.

9. What does Jennifer Greggson spend all her time doing?
(a) Daydreaming.
(b) Levitating.
(c) Sleeping.
(d) Talking.

10. Why is Professor Sullivan sad in Chapter 13?
(a) He realizes he will not be able to do any more research on the aliens.
(b) He knows he will never see Jan Rodricks again.
(c) He believes that Jan Rodricks should stay on Earth.
(d) He believes that he should be stowing away on the alien ship.

11. What is it that Jeffrey Greggson no longer needs as he seems to be changing into another life form?
(a) Sleep.
(b) Human interaction.
(c) Exercise.
(d) Food.

12. What do the children do three years later when their minds are more closely connected?
(a) Plan to overthrow the invaders.
(b) Develop the ability to levitate and fly.
(c) Destroy all plant and animal life.
(d) Destroy the remaining humans.

13. What does Karellen predict about Earth during his press conference in Chapter 14?
(a) Humans will ultimately destroy themselves.
(b) Humans will leave Earth permanantly.
(c) Humans will colonize other planets.
(d) The perfect world he helped create will soon be obsolete.

14. What is the name of George Greggson's oldest son's dog?
(a) Faith.
(b) Tina.
(c) Flip.
(d) Fey.

15. What does Karellen decide to do as the end of civilization approaches?
(a) Transport people from the Earth to a safe place.
(b) Destroy the world.
(c) Address the world.
(d) Enslave the world.

Short Answer Questions

1. What do the aliens do with Jan Rodricks?

2. What does Jan Rodricks observe that he also saw on the aliens' home planet?

3. Who is Charles Yan Sen?

4. What do the aliens do while the children develop their powers?

5. What is Jan Rodricks not allowed to photograph?

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