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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Vindarten do with Jan Rodricks?
(a) Tours the planet with him.
(b) Plants his own thoughts in Jan Rodricks' mind.
(c) Shows Jan Rodricks the future.
(d) Explains the invaders' true purpose for visiting Earth.

2. How does Karellen explain the invaders' motives for occupying Earth?
(a) To protect Earth, because it will serve a higher purpose.
(b) To repopulate Earth with the invaders after humans are gone.
(c) To study humans and teach them the ways of the invaders.
(d) To remove humans from Earth, because Earth will ultimately be destroyed.

3. Why do the invaders plan to return Jan Rodricks to Earth?
(a) Because they want him to act as ambassador.
(b) Because he is too hostile to the invaders.
(c) Because conditions on the alien planet would be too uncomfortable for him.
(d) Because he is discovered to have a disease the invaders cannot treat.

4. What does Karellen decide to do as the end of civilization approaches?
(a) Enslave the world.
(b) Destroy the world.
(c) Address the world.
(d) Transport people from the Earth to a safe place.

5. Why is Professor Sullivan sad in Chapter 13?
(a) He knows he will never see Jan Rodricks again.
(b) He believes that Jan Rodricks should stay on Earth.
(c) He believes that he should be stowing away on the alien ship.
(d) He realizes he will not be able to do any more research on the aliens.

6. What drug does Jan Rodricks inject himself with after being smuggled on board the alien ship?
(a) Narcosamine.
(b) Darvocet.
(c) Novocaine.
(d) Sodium pentathol.

7. What do the aliens do while the children develop their powers?
(a) Select the less-intelligent children for extermination.
(b) Observe from space.
(c) Mingle with the children.
(d) Tutor the children.

8. The greatest achievement of the people in the island community comes in what field?
(a) Astrology.
(b) Animation.
(c) Medicine.
(d) Psychic ability.

9. What is unique about Karellen's planet?
(a) Whales once existed there, but are now extinct.
(b) It has an atmosphere toxic to humans.
(c) It has minimal land mass.
(d) It has no oceans.

10. Why is Karellen sad for his race?
(a) It will never reach the potential of the new race on Earth.
(b) It is becoming extinct.
(c) It is forced to perform the same tasks on some other planet as it did Earth.
(d) It is trapped by the Overmind.

11. What island do George Greggson and Jean Morrel visit?
(a) New Albany.
(b) New Agribah.
(c) New Amsterdam.
(d) New Athens.

12. What does Rashaverak tell George Greggson and Jean Morrel about their children?
(a) The children would be the last citizens of Earth.
(b) The children would be transported to the invader's home planet.
(c) The aliens chose the children for immortality.
(d) They were randomly chosen for an experiment by a higher power.

13. What does Jan Rodricks come to realize after his return to Earth from the aliens' planet?
(a) He is responsible for what the aliens have done.
(b) He is the last man on Earth.
(c) He had the opportunity to stop the aliens and failed to do so.
(d) He is an alien himself in human form.

14. What is Jan Rodricks not allowed to photograph?
(a) The alien-spacecraft launch site.
(b) The inside of an invader's home.
(c) A mountain surrounded by a strange ring of light.
(d) Alien children.

15. What does George Greggson's eldest son tell him about Thanthalteresco?
(a) He believes Thanthalteresco can read his mind.
(b) He believes Thanthalteresco wants to kidnap him.
(c) He believes Thanthalteresco saved him from the tsunami.
(d) He believes Thanthalteresco is dying.

Short Answer Questions

1. How does Karellen explain mankind's understanding of the invaders' devil-like appearance to Jan Rodricks?

2. What is the Overmind?

3. Why did the invaders build Utopia?

4. What does Jan Rodricks see has happened to the children of Earth?

5. What is unique about the island George Greggson and Jean Morrel visit?

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