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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is the result of people working less?
(a) People have more time for scientific research.
(b) People have more time for leisure.
(c) People have more time to devote to family.
(d) People have become atrophied.

2. Why do the extremists kidnap Rikki Stormgren?
(a) The extremists want to know how Rikki Stormgren communicates with the Overlords.
(b) The extremists want to hide the aliens' only human contact from them.
(c) The extremists want to brainwash Rikki Stormgren so that he will adopt their views.
(d) The extremists want to hold Rikki Stormgren for ransom.

3. What is the name of the Pacific island that is the shuttle launch site?
(a) Taratura.
(b) Papeete Bay.
(c) Tahiti.
(d) Bora Bora.

4. In his farewell letter, what does Jan Rodricks express frustration about?
(a) Being unable to find the invaders' weak points.
(b) Being unable to discern the invaders' true motives.
(c) Being held hostage on Earth.
(d) Being unsure of his next step.

5. What does Karellen believe can achieve political harmony?
(a) The elimination of religion.
(b) The forceful use of power.
(c) The tactful use of power.
(d) The elimination of illiteracy.

6. What causes the disillusion of many religious beliefs?
(a) A device donated by Karellen that can show footage of the past 5,000 years.
(b) The total education of mankind and the end of illiteracy.
(c) The discovery of golden tablets.
(d) The discovery of the Ark of the Covenant.

7. What is the name of the boat sighted off the shore of the Pacific island launch site?
(a) James Forrestal.
(b) Andrea Dorea.
(c) New Leviathan.
(d) Black Pearl.

8. Where does the second half of Chapter 1 take place?
(a) Lake Baikal, Russia.
(b) Lake City, Florida.
(c) Lake Lucerne, Switzerland.
(d) Lake Voyenno, Russia.

9. In what year does Chapter 1 take place?
(a) 1975.
(b) 2001.
(c) 1978.
(d) 1999.

10. What does an unnamed major country attempt to do to the invaders?
(a) Convince the invaders that Earth's atmosphere is toxic.
(b) Infect one of the ships with viruses.
(c) Destroy one of the ships with laser technology.
(d) Destroy one of the ships with an atomic bomb.

11. What do the journalists and spectators present on the day the aliens reveal themselves want to experience?
(a) A tour of the spaceship.
(b) A photo op with the aliens.
(c) A first glimpse of the aliens.
(d) A direct word from Karellen.

12. How long does Jan Rodricks feel that it will take him to reach the aliens' home planet?
(a) Six years.
(b) Six weeks.
(c) Six months.
(d) Six minutes.

13. What does Karellen do to the extremists when Karellen helps Rikki Stormgren escape?
(a) Transports them to the alien ship.
(b) Erases their memories.
(c) Causes them to go temporarily blind.
(d) Puts them in a state of temporary paralysis.

14. How does Karellen free Rikki Stormgren?
(a) By communicating through floating spheres.
(b) Rikki Stormgren is beamed aboard the invaders' ship.
(c) The exterior walls of Rikki Stormgren's cell are blasted away.
(d) Rikki Stormgren is put in a temporary coma.

15. What possibility do Jan Rodricks and Rupert Boyce discuss in Chapter 11?
(a) The rumor that the invaders are dying of an Earth disease.
(b) The interbreeding of the aliens with humans.
(c) The opportunity of forcing the invaders to leave.
(d) The chance that a human might go to the aliens' home planet.

Short Answer Questions

1. When Karellen ultimately speaks prior to his revealing himself for the first time, what does he ask for?

2. What is true about Earth in the 21st century?

3. What is Karellen known as?

4. What does Rikki Stormgren show Alexander Wainwright in Stormgren's office?

5. What will happen on Earth while Jan Rodricks travels to the alien planet?

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