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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. In Chapter 1, the United States and Russia are in a race to be the first to do what?
(a) Launch a communications satellite.
(b) Use nuclear power in submarines.
(c) Launch a spacecraft.
(d) Make contact with alien beings.

2. Where can the alien spacecraft be found in the second part of Chapter 2?
(a) Resting on open land around Earth's major cities.
(b) Concentrated over New York City.
(c) In continual orbit around the Earth.
(d) Hovering over Earth's major cities.

3. Why do the invaders want to keep tabs on Jan Rodricks?
(a) They think that he is a threat to their influence on Earth.
(b) They think he is planning an insurrection againt the invaders.
(c) They think he may be showing psychic ability.
(d) They are suspicious of his interest in their home planet.

4. Who is Alexander Wainwright?
(a) Head of the Federation.
(b) Head of the Freedom League.
(c) Head of Interplanetary Study.
(d) Head of the Insurrection.

5. Why is Jan Rodricks generally unsatisfied?
(a) He doesn't like the scientific boundaries placed on humans by the invaders.
(b) He has romantic ideas about love.
(c) All of the above.
(d) He had his heart broken by Rosita Tsien.

6. Why do the aliens find Jean Morrel valuable?
(a) Because she has memory of past lives.
(b) Because she has an advanced immune system.
(c) Because she channeled a spirit.
(d) Because she has extraordinarily high IQ.

7. What truth is revealed about the alien spaceships?
(a) The spaceships were equipped with weapons that could destroy Earth.
(b) The spaceships were actually made on Earth eons earlier.
(c) The spaceships used warp drive to reach Earth.
(d) There was only one spaceship.

8. In Chapter 11, what does Jan Rodricks want Professor Sullivan to help him do?
(a) Sneak onto the alien spaceship.
(b) Use the submarine to go into hiding.
(c) Put a tracking/listening device inside one of the animals the aliens are taking.
(d) Catalog the new forms of sea life he has discovered.

9. What has revolutionized the Earth's economy?
(a) Machines now do all the work.
(b) There is no longer the need for currency.
(c) There is a one-world currency.
(d) The aliens have introduced a new breed of primate that does all the work.

10. Where does the second half of Chapter 1 take place?
(a) Lake Baikal, Russia.
(b) Lake Lucerne, Switzerland.
(c) Lake Voyenno, Russia.
(d) Lake City, Florida.

11. How does the leader of the invaders make first contact with the people of Earth?
(a) He broadcasts over all radio stations worldwide.
(b) He appears on all television broadcasts worldwide.
(c) He appears in a holographic image.
(d) He guest hosts on "Saturday Night Live."

12. Where do the aliens come from?
(a) NGS 549672.
(b) BH 90210.
(c) THX 1138.
(d) NCC 1701.

13. What does Jan Rodricks see on the way to the ocean lab?
(a) Unusual marine life.
(b) An alien submarine.
(c) A mutated whale.
(d) Ruins of an alien spaceship.

14. How long does Jan Rodricks feel that it will take him to reach the aliens' home planet?
(a) Six minutes.
(b) Six years.
(c) Six months.
(d) Six weeks.

15. What is the name of the boat sighted off the shore of the Pacific island launch site?
(a) Black Pearl.
(b) Andrea Dorea.
(c) James Forrestal.
(d) New Leviathan.

Short Answer Questions

1. What type of books does Rupert Boyce collect?

2. What does Karellen believe can achieve political harmony?

3. What does an unnamed major country attempt to do to the invaders?

4. What is Karellen known as?

5. In what city does Chapter 2 begin?

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