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Taratua - This is the Pacific island from which Americans attempt to launch the space shuttle Columbus.

Stormgren's Office - This place is where the U.N. Secretary-General meets with Alexander Wainwright to discuss the Overlords' activities.

The Sphere - This is the device that the Overlords use to transport Stormgren to the mother ship.

The Conference Room - This is the area in the mother ship where Stormgren meets with Karellen.

The Underground Mine - This is the place where Stormgren is held hostage by members of the extremist group.

The Science Bureau - This area, run by Pierre Duval, is where he and Stormgren plot to find the Overlords' identity.

Utopia - This is the term for the state of the world under the Overlords' rule.

Rupert Boyce's Home - This is the place in the African jungle where the veterinarian helps wild animals.


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