Objects & Places from Childhood's End

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This is the Pacific island from which Americans attempt to launch the space shuttle Columbus.

Stormgren's Office

This place is where the U.N. Secretary-General meets with Alexander Wainwright to discuss the Overlords' activities.

The Sphere

This is the device that the Overlords use to transport Stormgren to the mother ship.

The Conference Room

This is the area in the mother ship where Stormgren meets with Karellen.

The Underground Mine

This is the place where Stormgren is held hostage by members of the extremist group.

The Science Bureau

This area, run by Pierre Duval, is where he and Stormgren plot to find the Overlords' identity.


This is the term for the state of the world under the Overlords' rule.

Rupert Boyce's Home

This is the place in the African jungle where the veterinarian helps wild animals.

NGS 549672

This cryptic message reveals the location of the Overlords'...

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