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Chapter 1

• The American scientist, Reinhold Hoffman, is introduced, and he is responsible for the construction of a spaceship, the Columbus.

• Hoffmann remembers his colleague from after the second world war, Konrad Schneider.
• Schneider is working in Russia to build a spaceship, in a race against the Americans.

• Both Reinhold Hoffmann and Konrad Schneider see the approach of alien spaceships.

Chapter 2

• The Overlords have taken up positions in their ships over many of the major cities of Earth.

• Rikki Stormgren is introduced as Secretary-General of the United Nations, as is Karellen, the head Overlord.

• Alexander Wainwright is the head of the Freedom League, an international group that opposes the Overlords.
• Karellen introduces himself to Earth over a worldwide radio broadcast.

• Karellen meets with Rikki Stormgren and discusses the work of the Freedom League, and Karellen's plans for a World Federation.

Chapter 3

• Rikki Stormgren is kidnapped and taken to an...

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