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Alfons Heck
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. When one of Alfons's men deserted, how did Alfons respond?
(a) He shot him.
(b) He had pity on him.
(c) He pretended not to notice, because he didn't want to shoot him.
(d) Although he was authorized to shoot him, he didn't have the will to do so.

2. If soldiers surrendered to the Americans, what could they expect?
(a) To be brutally tortured.
(b) To be released quickly.
(c) To stay alive.
(d) To be killed.

3. When the Americans attacked, the first attack was simply an Allied probe, and a half an hour later, what happened?
(a) Alfons' men retreated.
(b) Two dozen fighter bombers flew over the trenches.
(c) The Americans retreated.
(d) Two fighter bombers flew over the trenches.

4. Alfons received orders to do what?
(a) Step down from his position of leadership.
(b) Retreat with his men.
(c) Shoot any men in his unit who did not obey his commands.
(d) Join the Luftwaffe.

5. Which of the following statements about Monika Mohn is false?
(a) When Alfons met her, she was burning documents.
(b) She was Wendt's secretary.
(c) She was the final member of Bann 244.
(d) Alfons hid her in her father's shooting hut.

6. When Alfons and his fellow Hitler Youth leaders met Hitler, what did he tell them?
(a) The Hitler Youth had dissapointed him.
(b) The Hitler Youth were the last chance for Germany to win the war.
(c) The Hitler Youth were his purest creation.
(d) Germany had lost the war.

7. What did Alfons do when over a dozen Sherman tanks arrived in Wittlich?
(a) He successfully escaped.
(b) Wearing his Luftwaffe uniform, he left the house prepared to die for Germany.
(c) He changed into a pair of coveralls, and buried his Luftwaffe uniform.
(d) He angrily stormed toward the tanks, demanding they leave Wittlich.

8. At the end of the War, what were the Soviets known for?
(a) Not physically abusing their prisoners.
(b) Committing insane brutalities against German refugees.
(c) Killing very few German refugees.
(d) Treating prisoners with great dignity.

9. In September of 1944, what order followed the "people's storm"?
(a) Every German male would fight, regardless of age.
(b) No more German men would be called to action.
(c) Every German male age 15-60 would fight.
(d) German boys age 12 and older had to fight.

10. When Hitler launched Germany's last major offensive in World War II, what was his objective?
(a) To stabilize the alliance between American, Britain and the USSR.
(b) To split the alliance between America and Britain.
(c) To stabilize the Eastern front.
(d) To split America and Britain from the ultra-Marxist USSR.

11. At the beginning of Chapter 10, what significant event happened in Alfons's life?
(a) His grandmother died.
(b) He was demoted due to poor leadership.
(c) He was promoted to Bannfuhrer.
(d) He was reunited with an old friend.

12. What significant event in the life of Alfons's family occurred on Christmas?
(a) Alfons chose loyalty to the Natzis over loyalty to his family.
(b) His grandmother died.
(c) They all died, following an Allied bomber raid in Wittlich.
(d) They had to be dug out of a pile of rubble following a massive Allied bomber raid.

13. Which of the following was true of Alfons's men?
(a) They deserted him.
(b) They obeyed him.
(c) They lied to him.
(d) They defied him.

14. What occurred as a result of the Battle of the Bulge?
(a) 400 German planes were destroyed.
(b) The Luftwaffe finally claimed Alfons.
(c) Most of Alfons' men were killed.
(d) Alfons was once again passed over for the Luftwaffe.

15. Hitler refused his commanders' pleas to fall back, and when they finally prevailed, what had happened?
(a) Tens of thousands of irreplaceable men had died.
(b) The Germans had lost many men, while the Allies had very few casualties.
(c) Although some men had died, they managed to protect their armored vehicles.
(d) Hundreds of irreplaceable men died.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why did the Wehrmacht bomb the railroad bridge through Burg Strasse?

2. Which of the following points of view was not shared by Alfons at the end of the book?

3. What did Dr. Robert Ley communicate when he visited Alfons's men?

4. To whom did Alfons reveal that he was a German officer?

5. Who was the head of the German Labor Front?

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