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Alfons Heck
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What did Alfons learn from fighting the Americans?
(a) The Americans were not very humane.
(b) Many of the Americans were just as brave as the Germans.
(c) Most of the Americans were not as brave as the Germans.
(d) The Americans response to German action was easily matched.

2. What experience caused Alfons to grow sick?
(a) He was deeply discouraged about the state of the war.
(b) He was told how civilian saboteurs would be executed.
(c) Two men and a woman were killed right in front of him.
(d) The Hitler Youth received their first rifles.

3. What occurred as a result of the Battle of the Bulge?
(a) Alfons was once again passed over for the Luftwaffe.
(b) Most of Alfons' men were killed.
(c) 400 German planes were destroyed.
(d) The Luftwaffe finally claimed Alfons.

4. Who was the Minister of Armaments and Ammunitions?
(a) Albert Speer.
(b) Alfons Heck.
(c) Lammers.
(d) Gert.

5. When 2 Royal Air Force Spitfires attacked German supply vehicles, how many Hitler Youth boys died?
(a) None.
(b) 10.
(c) 2.
(d) 100.

6. When Alfons and his fellow Hitler Youth leaders met Hitler, what did he tell them?
(a) The Hitler Youth were the last chance for Germany to win the war.
(b) The Hitler Youth were his purest creation.
(c) The Hitler Youth had dissapointed him.
(d) Germany had lost the war.

7. When it was announced that Alfons and a group of Nazis would be executed, how did Alfons respond?
(a) He accepted his death sentence because he felt he deserved it.
(b) He was angry and tried to escape.
(c) He became indifferent because he was tired of fighting.
(d) He was enraged and now felt like one of Hitler's victims.

8. Which of the following statements about Monika Mohn is false?
(a) She was the final member of Bann 244.
(b) She was Wendt's secretary.
(c) Alfons hid her in her father's shooting hut.
(d) When Alfons met her, she was burning documents.

9. Which of the following was true of Alfons's men?
(a) They obeyed him.
(b) They defied him.
(c) They deserted him.
(d) They lied to him.

10. What task was given to Alfons by the Americans?
(a) Teach them how to speak German.
(b) Find any remaining Hitler Youth and bring them out of hiding.
(c) Read American instructions to his townspeople in Germany.
(d) Wash their clothes and dishes.

11. When the head of the German Labor Front arrived to do an inspection, how did he respond to Alfons?
(a) He complimented him on his leadership.
(b) He completely ignored him.
(c) He gave him an Iron Cross II.
(d) He delivered harsh criticism.

12. Who was Lammers?
(a) The commander of all units in the region who died following the Royal Air Force attacks.
(b) An assistant to Alfons, injured when the Royal Air Force attacked.
(c) Alfons' good friend in the Hitler Youth, killed when the Royal Air Force attacked.
(d) Afons' classmate in the Gymnasium who was injured when the Royal Air Force attacked.

13. What disappointing news did Alfons receive from Dr. Robert Ley?
(a) His Uncle Gustav was reported dead.
(b) He would not be able to join the Luftwaffe.
(c) He was being demoted.
(d) He was being fired, and sent home.

14. Which of the following statements about the People's Army is false?
(a) Over half of them had disappeared through desertion or incompetence.
(b) They were exceptionally focused and very aggressive.
(c) They were in chaos, and did not have instructions on where to regroup.
(d) They were short on weapons.

15. At the end of the War, what were the Soviets known for?
(a) Committing insane brutalities against German refugees.
(b) Not physically abusing their prisoners.
(c) Treating prisoners with great dignity.
(d) Killing very few German refugees.

Short Answer Questions

1. Which of the following people did not survive the War?

2. In September of 1944, what order followed the "people's storm"?

3. Along the Eastern Front, what did many men do to avoid being caught alive?

4. To whom did Alfons reveal that he was a German officer?

5. When some of the boys tried to desert the unit, how did Alfons respond?

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