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Alfons Heck
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Due to enormous casualties in the War, what happened to many of the young pilots?
(a) They moved up in the ranks much quicker.
(b) They were not allowed to fly anymore.
(c) They had to go home.
(d) They were deployed in the War.

2. Alfons was ordered to the Westwall, and his duties included all of the following, except what?
(a) Manning anti-aircraft batteries.
(b) Maintaining strict discipline with his men.
(c) Freeing regular troops for front line duty.
(d) Serving as an assistant to Roman.

3. By 1938, which of the following statements about the Gestapo was false?
(a) People obeyed and complied with the Gestapo.
(b) It could not be controlled by the regular judicial system.
(c) It was all-powerful.
(d) No one respected the Gestapo, and therefore it was not effective.

4. In what way did Alfons's elementary school teacher, Herr Becker, deliberately discriminate against the Jews in his classroom?
(a) He made them wash the floors.
(b) He did not allow them to eat their lunch.
(c) He ignored them.
(d) He made them sit in the corner.

5. How did the small towns usually respond to the air raid sirens?
(a) They left town.
(b) They usually disregarded the air raid sirens.
(c) They stayed awake all night until they were sure they were safe.
(d) They panicked and started riots.

6. Which of the following statements about the fanfare and drum platoon is false?
(a) Alfons was never involved in these activities.
(b) They were awful musicians.
(c) They practiced intensely and regularly.
(d) They marched on Sunday mornings.

7. Alfons was assigned to a new camp where his flying time was limited due to what?
(a) Steady rain.
(b) He was considered too low in rank.
(c) There were not enough gliders for all 60 men.
(d) He became ill.

8. Who was Hanna?
(a) The 18-year-old sister of his good friend.
(b) An 18-year-old farmhand, hired by Alfons's grandmother.
(c) An 18-year-old girl in the Hitler Youth.
(d) An 18-year-old girl who Alfons' met through a friend.

9. When the concentration camps first began, what was their purpose?
(a) They were temporary holding cells for Jews until they submitted to Hitler's rule.
(b) They were a place for Jews to live peacefully outside of Hitler rule.
(c) They were a place where Jews could start businesses and work together.
(d) They were detention centers for political enemies.

10. Many people avoided discussions about the possibility of war, including in the Gymnasium. Despite this, what occurred over time?
(a) Alfons' classmates became excited and eager to experience war.
(b) Over half of Alfons's classmates were killed before they reached the age of 18.
(c) The Gymnasium became a place of disorder.
(d) Alfons' classmates became anxious about the possibility of war.

11. What was one complaint of Catholic parents with regard to the Hitler Youth?
(a) The Hitler Youth were not very obedient.
(b) Senior Hitler Youth leaders did not respect their elders.
(c) The Hitler Youth were not very educated.
(d) Senior Hitler Youth leaders mocked religion.

12. In the fall of 1943, Alfons was promoted to administrative rank while what occurred for Gert?
(a) He received the same promotion as Alfons.
(b) He was promoted a step ahead of Alfons.
(c) He was promoted 3 steps ahead of Alfons.
(d) He did not receive a promotion.

13. During the Easter vacation of 1944, what was Alfons ordered to do?
(a) Join an auxiliary unit to man anti-aircraft batteries.
(b) Attend a special weapons training camp.
(c) Stay home until war conditions improved.
(d) Join a Luftwaffe flight station.

14. Who received the aeronaut's certificate?
(a) Sergeant Baum.
(b) Rabbit.
(c) Gert.
(d) Alfons.

15. Why did Alfons say his parents were impressed by Hitler?
(a) He was very inclusive, and treated all Germans equally.
(b) His rule brought full employment and economic order.
(c) He influenced their son to want to be a Hitler Youth.
(d) He made them extremely wealthy.

Short Answer Questions

1. Alfons arrived at training camp, and after a short time was forced to do what?

2. How did Alfons combat his growing desire to be with a woman?

3. Why did the Jews become increasingly emotional?

4. How old was Alfons when he passed the exam to become an officer cadet of the Luftwaffe?

5. Which of the following people was not a member of Alfons's family?

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