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Alfons Heck
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. In the 1930s, what were the children of Germany conditioned to believe?
(a) The Jews did not kill Jesus.
(b) The Germanic-Nordic race was superior.
(c) The German Jews were superior.
(d) Discrimination was wrong.

2. What did one glance into the sky tell Alfons and the future Luftwaffe pilots?
(a) They were badly needed and thinly spread.
(b) There were more than enough pilots available to meet the need.
(c) They had been poorly trained.
(d) They were not needed.

3. For Alfons, the Hitler Youth rallies of the summer were a nice break from what activity?
(a) Studying.
(b) Working on his grandmother's farm.
(c) Working in a local store.
(d) Training for the army.

4. What was the Gymnasium?
(a) A special association for those who achieved top honors in school.
(b) The highest track of German education to which only 6% gained admittance.
(c) A Natzi training academy to which only 5% gained admittance.
(d) A highly respected position within the Hitler Youth.

5. Who was flying when an American enemy aircraft came in on a bomber raid?
(a) Winkler.
(b) Alfons.
(c) Gert.
(d) Rabbit.

6. Why was Alfons's grandmother furious when he was ordered to report to the glider camp?
(a) She thought he would be a better flight mechanic than a pilot.
(b) He was only 14 and too young.
(c) It was too far from his hometown.
(d) She needed his help on the farm.

7. What did Herr Becker claim as the reason for Kristallnacht?
(a) Spontaneous action against the Jews for the murder of a German diplomat.
(b) German Jews should not have been allowed to own businesses.
(c) Punishment for people who did not respect Hitler.
(d) The police were making an effort to protect all Germans.

8. Why was the Hitler Youth puritanical?
(a) They believed they don't deserve to experience love or gratification.
(b) They wanted strong men not in love with anything but war and conquest.
(c) They wanted men who were willing to sacrifice all of their personal interests.
(d) They were taught that love is a wrong emotion.

9. Which of the following statements was true in 1942?
(a) Erwin Rommel lost the battle of El Alamein.
(b) The Natzi's were beginning to lose their power.
(c) Erwin Rommel successfully entered Egypt.
(d) Erwin Rommel won the battle of El Alamein.

10. What occurred for Alfons, Gert, and Rabbit together?
(a) They were placed on the same flight team.
(b) They were deployed in the war.
(c) They were promoted.
(d) They became very ill.

11. Which of the following statements about Roman Follman is true?
(a) He and Alfons didn't have anything in common.
(b) He and Alfons disliked one another.
(c) He and Alfons were the same age and quickly became friends.
(d) He was not a leader in the Hitler Youth.

12. Which of the following statements about Hitler's stance on the Jews is false?
(a) Although Hitler was obsessed with the Jews for many years, eventually he reversed his stance.
(b) Hitler believed the Germanic-Nordic race was superior to the Jews.
(c) Hitler's obsession with the Jews lasted until his final breath.
(d) Many people believed Hitler would moderate his stance when he came to power.

13. Who was Hanna?
(a) The 18-year-old sister of his good friend.
(b) An 18-year-old farmhand, hired by Alfons's grandmother.
(c) An 18-year-old girl who Alfons' met through a friend.
(d) An 18-year-old girl in the Hitler Youth.

14. Which of the following statements about the perception of women in Germany during World War II is false?
(a) They were considered second-class citizens.
(b) Hitler taught that women were mothers and guardians of the hearth.
(c) They were treated as equal to the men.
(d) The Hitler Youth were morally strict and did not engage with women.

15. Why did Alfons say his parents were impressed by Hitler?
(a) He made them extremely wealthy.
(b) His rule brought full employment and economic order.
(c) He was very inclusive, and treated all Germans equally.
(d) He influenced their son to want to be a Hitler Youth.

Short Answer Questions

1. By whom was Alfons primarily raised?

2. What was Alfons's happiest time in the Hitler Youth?

3. Where was Alfons Heck born?

4. At the end of the 1938 Nuremburg Party Congress, Hitler delivered a speech that had what outcome?

5. If Roman were to have disobeyed Alfons's orders, how would Alfons have responded?

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