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Alfons Heck
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Many people avoided discussions about the possibility of war, including in the Gymnasium. Despite this, what occurred over time?
(a) The Gymnasium became a place of disorder.
(b) Alfons' classmates became excited and eager to experience war.
(c) Alfons' classmates became anxious about the possibility of war.
(d) Over half of Alfons's classmates were killed before they reached the age of 18.

2. Who was flying when an American enemy aircraft came in on a bomber raid?
(a) Winkler.
(b) Alfons.
(c) Gert.
(d) Rabbit.

3. Why did the Jews become increasingly emotional?
(a) They were not allowed to worship in their synagogue.
(b) They developed severe illnesses.
(c) Their shops were taken over by Christians and their synagogue was desecrated.
(d) They didn't have enough customers to keep their shops open.

4. The Soviet Forces pushed the Nazis deep into where?
(a) The Ukraine.
(b) France.
(c) Hungary.
(d) Poland.

5. The Nuremburg Party Congress was a week-long celebration of what?
(a) Hitler's birthday.
(b) The establishment of the Hitler Youth.
(c) The anniversary of Hitler's rise to power.
(d) Germany's history and culture, symbolizing its regained sense of significance and strength in the world.

6. Which of the following statements about the perception of women in Germany during World War II is false?
(a) They were considered second-class citizens.
(b) Hitler taught that women were mothers and guardians of the hearth.
(c) The Hitler Youth were morally strict and did not engage with women.
(d) They were treated as equal to the men.

7. What did Herr Becker claim as the reason for Kristallnacht?
(a) The police were making an effort to protect all Germans.
(b) German Jews should not have been allowed to own businesses.
(c) Punishment for people who did not respect Hitler.
(d) Spontaneous action against the Jews for the murder of a German diplomat.

8. In the 1930s, what were the children of Germany conditioned to believe?
(a) The Jews did not kill Jesus.
(b) Discrimination was wrong.
(c) The Germanic-Nordic race was superior.
(d) The German Jews were superior.

9. How did the small towns usually respond to the air raid sirens?
(a) They stayed awake all night until they were sure they were safe.
(b) They left town.
(c) They panicked and started riots.
(d) They usually disregarded the air raid sirens.

10. Why did many people who owned farms begin to love Hitler?
(a) They gave in to the pressure they felt from the Nazis.
(b) They began to prosper when Hitler restricted foreign food imports.
(c) They were generally very passive and obedient people.
(d) They were afraid Hitler would take away their land if they didn't support him.

11. Which of the following statements was true about Alfons's grandmother at the start of the war?
(a) She accepted and began to revere Hitler.
(b) She refused to participate in reverence for anything but the mass.
(c) She requested a lot of help from Alfons on the farm.
(d) She became very ill.

12. When Alfons said goodbye to Frau Ermann, how did she respond to him?
(a) She said she understood, and still cared about him.
(b) She hissed at him to leave.
(c) She told him he was a terrible man.
(d) She spit on his face.

13. What action was taken regarding products not essential to the war?
(a) They were no longer produced.
(b) They were produced in smaller quantities.
(c) No action was taken, so as not to discourage the German people.
(d) They were produced in larger quantities, to convince the German people that everything was okay.

14. After numerous flights, how did Alfons feel?
(a) He felt that he should quit and become a priest instead.
(b) He loved flying and wanted to work hard for the first time in his life.
(c) He felt like he was too young, and not ready to be flying.
(d) He felt like it was too much work, and wanted to be a flight mechanic instead.

15. What occurred for Alfons, Gert, and Rabbit together?
(a) They became very ill.
(b) They were placed on the same flight team.
(c) They were deployed in the war.
(d) They were promoted.

Short Answer Questions

1. The Hitler Youth did not cause many parental complaints, particularly when?

2. Who attacked many of Germany's big cities?

3. Hitler took advantage of what quality of the German people?

4. At fourteen, Alfons had not risen far in the Hitler Youth. What event prompted a new interest?

5. At the beginning of Chapter 5, who was promoted to second in command of the Flying Hitler Youth?

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