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Short Answer Questions

1. Which star cluster does Ballard look upon from his cave after returning to the mountain?

2. Where does Ballard leave his rifle before going into the town on the other side of the mountain?

3. What animals mill about the stream that passes through Ballard's cave?

4. How many daughters are still living with the Dumpkeeper?

5. How much money does Ballard eventually get for all of his watches?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why does Ballard go to Blount County?

2. Describe the story Fate tells about the 1899 hanging.

3. Why does Ballard decide to move the dead girl's body to an upper room?

4. What crime problem is the Sheriff facing in this section?

5. How do the police catch Kirby selling jars of whiskey?

6. How does Ballard's situation change in this section?

7. In what state is the town in this section?

8. What does Ballard realize about the Ralph's idiot baby?

9. What point does Mr. Fox make to Ballard about his debt to the grocery?

10. What happens to Ballard when he tries to cross the creek?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

The conflict between Ballard and society in the novel is reflected in many respects by a conflict between Sevier County and the wild Frog Mountain. Write an essay detailing this conflict between wilderness and town. Who is associated with either side of the conflict? What occurs in each? How is each described by the author?

Essay Topic 2

Choose one of the following to write an essay:

1.) Near the beginning of the novel, Ballard has an exchange with the Dumpkeeper's blonde daughter. He is infatuated with the girl, and she teases him incessantly. How does this coquettish girl typify Ballard's understanding of woman? What is her essential allure and danger? How does Ballard respond to it?

2.) Compare the dead girl in the car with Ralph's daughter, from Ballard's point-of-view. How do they reveal, respectively, what he wants from a companion and what he can never understand? Chart his interaction with both as indicative of this desire.

3.) Analyze the state that Ballard is in as he lives in the caves. Why do you think he collect so many women and takes to wearing their clothes and hair? What essential desire has he achieved and how has he done it?

Essay Topic 3

Certain chapters of the novel are told from a first-person point-of-view and involve Sevier residents attempting to explain Ballard's past. Write an essay charting Ballard's transition form victim to bully to societal tumor, framing it in discussion of the following chapters:

Part 1) The man who discusses Ballard's loss of his mother and father.

Part 2) The man who tells the story of Ballard as a child bully.

Part 3) The man who talks about Ballard's younger jobs.

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