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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why can the boy in the car not find his wallet when Fate asks for it?
(a) He is blind
(b) He is a derelict and stole the car
(c) He is not wearing pants
(d) His wallet was stolen

2. Why can't Fred Kirby find his jar of whiskey?
(a) He is blind
(b) The rain buried it over in mud
(c) He was drunk when he hid it
(d) He has a wide selection of jars with clear liquid in them

3. According to Ballard, what are the causes of all trouble in life?
(a) Money and whiskey
(b) Money and feuds
(c) Women and money
(d) Whiskey and women

4. Which of the following is not a charge that has been lodged against Ballard?
(a) Lewdness toward a minor
(b) Assault and battery
(c) Public drunkeness
(d) Rape

5. What does the child do to Ballard's gift?
(a) Snaps its neck
(b) Chews its legs off
(c) Smashes it
(d) Sets it free

Short Answer Questions

1. What target does Ballard shoot at the fair's shooting gallery?

2. To what does McCarthy compare Darfuzzle and Ballard squatting on the porch?

3. What words does John sing from his cell regularly?

4. On what structure is the flapping door that Ballard hears on the highway?

5. What plastic animals are used in the first game that Ballard plays at the fair?

Short Essay Questions

1. How does Ballard win three prizes?

2. Describe Lester Ballard.

3. What changes does Ballard undergo in Chapter 14 (pp. 40-43)?

4. What does the disfigured child do to Ballard's gift?

5. Why is Lester Ballard ejected from his first game at the carnival?

6. Describe the interchange that Ballard has with the Dumpkeeper's blonde daughter.

7. What deal does Lester Ballard try to broker with Fred Kirby?

8. Explain how the boy that came through town could always shoot birds in the air.

9. Describe the Dumpkeeper's situation at home.

10. How does the Sleeping Woman react to Ballard at the police station and what transpires?

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