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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What charge does the Sleeping Woman want to file against Ballard?
(a) Harrassment
(b) Attempted Murder
(c) Assault
(d) Rape

2. Why did the young Lester Ballard beat up the Finney boy?
(a) Finney was black
(b) Finney stole his lunch
(c) Finney called him a name
(d) Finney would not fetch his ball

3. What color does the smith say the blade should turn in the second heat?
(a) Red
(b) Orange
(c) Yellow
(d) White

4. What target does Ballard shoot at the fair's shooting gallery?
(a) A bowling pin
(b) A silhouette cutout
(c) A bullseye
(d) A card

5. Which of the following is listed as Lester Ballard's lineage?
(a) Celtic and Negro
(b) Cherokee and Negro
(c) Scottish and Navajo
(d) Saxon and Celtic

6. In Chapter 12 (pp. 35-36), how does Ballard remove the cow's head?
(a) A saw
(b) An axe
(c) A baseball bat
(d) A tractor

7. Who purchases the auctioned land?
(a) Buster
(b) The Dumpkeeper
(c) Sheriff Wade
(d) Greer

8. Who punched Lester Ballard unconscious at the auction?
(a) Buster
(b) Sheriff Wade
(c) C.B.
(d) Greer

9. Which of the following is not something that happens in the melee in the police station?
(a) The Sleeping Woman slaps Ballard's face
(b) The Sleeping Woman knees Ballard in the groin
(c) Ballard stabs the Sleeping Woman with a pen
(d) Ballard strangles the Sleeping Woman

10. What does Ballard offer to show the Sheriff when they take him away?
(a) A body
(b) The path
(c) His rifle
(d) His buttocks

11. In Chapter 21 (pp. 66-67) what drifts into Ballard's shack through the breaks in the wall?
(a) Rain
(b) Dust
(c) Leaves
(d) Snow

12. Which of the following is not listed among the disabled child's playthings?
(a) Food tins
(b) Cockroaches
(c) Rats
(d) Spiders

13. Which of the following is not among the refuse of the dump?
(a) Rotted fishing boats
(b) Old water heaters
(c) Truck parts
(d) Bicycle parts

14. Where does Ballard figure John goes after leaving jail?
(a) Back home
(b) He does not know
(c) To county prison
(d) To execution

15. What does the blacksmith do with the axe-blade after cooling the metal?
(a) He fits it for a handle
(b) He polishes it
(c) He grinds it
(d) He throws it out because it's cracked

Short Answer Questions

1. To what animal are the Dumpkeeper's daughters regularly compared?

2. How much does the blacksmith charge to sharpen and repair Ballard's axe?

3. What type of bird does Ballard chase down while walking to a friend's house?

4. What does Ballard call the present he brings his friend's child?

5. On what structure is the flapping door that Ballard hears on the highway?

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