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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What noise keeps Lester Ballard awake at night?
(a) Chirping crickets
(b) Howling dogs
(c) Passing cars
(d) Shouting of teenagers in the woods

2. What does Lester burn in the hearth to start a fire?
(a) A kerosene-soaked rag
(b) Newspaper
(c) A rag doll
(d) Lighter fluid

3. Where does Ballard look at wanted posters?
(a) The post office
(b) The park bulletin board
(c) The library
(d) The city jail

4. What is Lester Ballard's only food for dinner on his first night in his new house?
(a) A chocolate bar
(b) Squirrel
(c) Carrots
(d) Potatoes

5. What target does Ballard shoot at the fair's shooting gallery?
(a) A silhouette cutout
(b) A bowling pin
(c) A bullseye
(d) A card

6. Why can't Fred Kirby find his jar of whiskey?
(a) He has a wide selection of jars with clear liquid in them
(b) He is blind
(c) The rain buried it over in mud
(d) He was drunk when he hid it

7. What kind of return does the auctioneer promise on the investment of Ballard's property?
(a) At least three percent
(b) At least twenty percent
(c) At least ten percent
(d) At least sixteen percent

8. Where does Ballard's friend's daughter go when she leaves the house?
(a) The outhouse
(b) The bus
(c) The woods
(d) Ballard's friend's truck

9. What does Lester Ballard bring with him to the auction?
(a) His rifle
(b) His deed
(c) His hunting knife
(d) His dog

10. How many rooms is Lester Ballard's new house?
(a) One
(b) Five
(c) Two
(d) Four

11. Where does the auctioneer give his pitch?
(a) The front porch of the house
(b) A stack of hay bales
(c) A makeshift stage
(d) The bed of a truck

12. What animals do the Dumpkeeper and Ballard shoot together?
(a) Rats
(b) Dogs
(c) Pheasants
(d) Boars

13. Which of the following is listed as Lester Ballard's lineage?
(a) Cherokee and Negro
(b) Scottish and Navajo
(c) Celtic and Negro
(d) Saxon and Celtic

14. Where does Ballard figure John goes after leaving jail?
(a) Back home
(b) To county prison
(c) He does not know
(d) To execution

15. What is the first prize that Ballard wins at the fair?
(a) A goldfish
(b) A teddy bear
(c) A toy guitar
(d) A stuffed tiger

Short Answer Questions

1. Which of the following is not listed among the disabled child's playthings?

2. What does the sleeping woman throw at Ballard?

3. What does the blacksmith do with the axe-blade after cooling the metal?

4. Where is the man in the cell opposite of Ballard from?

5. Why does Lester Ballard's friend Darfuzzle speaks in a garbled way?

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