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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Section I, 61 - 85.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How far from the road is Lester Ballard's shack?
(a) A quarter mile
(b) A mile
(c) Twenty yards
(d) Three miles

2. What warning is the speaker given by the animal's owner before beginning the boxing match?
(a) Don't make any sudden moves
(b) Don't let up
(c) Don't hit him too hard
(d) Don't turn your back on him

3. What kind of return does the auctioneer promise on the investment of Ballard's property?
(a) At least twenty percent
(b) At least ten percent
(c) At least sixteen percent
(d) At least three percent

4. What words does John sing from his cell regularly?
(a) Oh Lordie
(b) Fly home
(c) No woman
(d) Swing low

5. What does Ballard's friend's wife bring Ballard while he waits for her husband?
(a) Cornbread
(b) Whiskey
(c) Coffee
(d) Water

Short Answer Questions

1. Where does the auctioneer give his pitch?

2. What is the first prize that Ballard wins at the fair?

3. What color underwear does the Dumpkeeper's blonde daughter wear on Saturdays?

4. At the beginning of Chapter 9 (p. 25), what does Ballard fail to shoot in the woods?

5. What does Lester Ballard bring with him to the auction?

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