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Section I, 1 - 25

• Lester Ballard's house is auctioned.
• Ballard attempts to stop the auction and is beaten.
• Ballard moves to a small shack in the woods.
• One night, Ballard watches two people have sex in a car near his shack.

Section I, 25- 44

• Ballard goes to visit the degenerate Dumpkeeper and his nine daughters.
• Ballard flirts with one of his older daughters, with whom he is enamored.
• Two of the Dumpkeeper's daughters run away from home.
• Ballard meets a sleeping woman in the woods and rips her nightgown off.

Section I , 44 - 60

• Darfuzzle tells Ballard that the sleeping woman has gone to the police.
• The Sheriff arrests Ballard.
• The sleeping woman accuses Ballard of rape and attacks him.
• After several days locked up, Ballard is released.

• The Sheriff tells Ballard he knows he will do something evil in the near future.

Section I, 61 - 85

• Ballard goes to the...

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