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Short Answer Questions

1. What Shakespearean play does Lopakhin quote to Varya after the passing of the stranger in Act 2?

2. In Act 2, Lyubov details where she has been before the start of the play. Where does she say she's returned from?

3. To whom does Dunyasha profess her love in Act 2?

4. In Act 2, why does Gaev say he must go to town the following day?

5. What is the setting for Act 2?

Short Essay Questions

1. Who buys the estate at auction? How did this come about?

2. How is Russia compared with the rest of Europe throughout the play?

3. What does Firs symbolize in The Cherry Orchard?

4. Who is the comic relief in the play? How does this play out?

5. What is the emotional state of Lyubov at the end of Act 3? Why?

6. Where will Lyubov go in Act 4? Why?

7. What class of people does Lopakhin represent? How is that illustrated in the play?

8. What event is taking place in Act 3? What purpose does this event serve to the story?

9. What is the emotional state of Varya in Act 4? Why?

10. What is suggested by Trofimov's haggard appearance?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

How is slavery and serfdom viewed by the characters in The Cherry Orchard? Cite examples of the differences of various characters' viewpoints on the Emancipation.

Essay Topic 2

How do the themes of Romance and Realism play out in The Cherry Orchard? Which characters are "romantics" and which are "realists?" How do they show it?

Essay Topic 3

Compare the characters of Dunyasha and Lyubov. What similarities do they share? What differences?

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