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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does the Stationmaster recite from in Act 3?
(a) Marx's "Communist Manifesto."
(b) Nietzche's "Good and Evil."
(c) Tolstoy's "The Proud Man."
(d) Tolstoy's "The Sinner."

2. What does Lopakhin order the orchestra to do at the end of Act 3?
(a) Eat dinner.
(b) Stop playing.
(c) Strike up.
(d) Go home.

3. What disgusts Firs about the guests in Act 3?
(a) They are not nobility.
(b) They don't tip.
(c) They are too rowdy.
(d) They are snobbish.

4. What is Lyubov's reaction about the auction?
(a) She laughs.
(b) She jumps for joy.
(c) She kisses Gaev.
(d) She breaks down sobbing.

5. What has supposedly taken place at the beginning of Act 3?
(a) The departure of Anya.
(b) The estate has been divided into summer cottages.
(c) The auction of the estate.
(d) The arrival of the Countess.

6. Trofimov suggests that Lyubov do what?
(a) Divide the cherry orchard into lots.
(b) Go to Paris.
(c) Look truth in the eye.
(d) Send for the Countess.

7. Who is left in the drawing room at the end of Act 3?
(a) Varya and Anya.
(b) Lyubov and Anya.
(c) Firs and Gaev.
(d) Varya and Pishchik.

8. Which character says "I am beneath love?"
(a) Lyubov.
(b) Trofimov.
(c) Varya.
(d) Yepikhodov.

9. What does Lyubov accuse Trofimov of?
(a) Being too young to understand.
(b) Breaking the billiard cue.
(c) Stealing money.
(d) Being too foolish in love.

10. How much money does Pishchik need in order to pay his interest?
(a) 420 rubles.
(b) 300 rubles.
(c) 100 rubles.
(d) 180 rubles.

11. Which character quotes Nietzche in Act 3?
(a) Trofimov.
(b) Pishchik.
(c) The Stationmaster.
(d) Charlotta.

12. How much money does the Countess send to buy the estate?
(a) Fifteen thousand.
(b) Five hundred thousand.
(c) Ten thousand.
(d) Three hundred thousand.

13. Which character says if they cherry orchard must be sold, "then sell me with it?"
(a) Anya.
(b) Varya.
(c) Lyubov.
(d) Pishchik.

14. Who intends to pay the musicians at the end of Act 3?
(a) Lopakhin.
(b) Gaev.
(c) Lyubov.
(d) Varya.

15. How much was the estate auctioned for?
(a) Five-thousand above the mortgage.
(b) Ninety-thousand above the mortgage.
(c) Two-hundred thousand above the mortgage.
(d) Ten-thousand rubles.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is the setting for Act 3?

2. What does Lyobov call Trofmiov that insults him, causing him to storm out in Act 3?

3. Which character leads Lopakhin from the drawing room in Act 3?

4. What language does Charlotta speak in Act 3?

5. What did Firs say that the late master treated everyone with for illness?

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