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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who first says the orchard is sold today in Act 3?
(a) A stranger in the kitchen.
(b) Gaev.
(c) Lyubov.
(d) Firs.

2. What does Trofimov do after storming out in Act 3?
(a) He breaks a billiards cue.
(b) He kisses Anya.
(c) He drowns.
(d) He falls down the stairs.

3. Who picks up the keys at the end of Act 3?
(a) Lopakhin.
(b) Gaev.
(c) Anya.
(d) Varya.

4. What is the plan for the cherry orchard at the end of Act 3?
(a) It will be chopped down.
(b) It will be replanted.
(c) It will be burned.
(d) It will produce cherries for the town.

5. What language does Charlotta speak in Act 3?
(a) Italian.
(b) French.
(c) Norweigan.
(d) German.

6. What is taking place at the beginning of Act 3?
(a) A funeral.
(b) A tea-party.
(c) A birthday party.
(d) A ball.

7. Whose arrival is Lyubov anxiously awaiting in Act 3?
(a) Yepikhodov's.
(b) Gaev's.
(c) Charlotta's.
(d) Anya's.

8. How much money does the Countess send?
(a) Ten-thousand rubles.
(b) One-thousand rubles.
(c) Two-hundred thousand rubles.
(d) Fifteen-thousand rubles.

9. What is Lyubov doing at the end of Act 3?
(a) Dancing.
(b) Singing.
(c) Magic tricks.
(d) Weeping.

10. How much was the estate auctioned for?
(a) Ninety-thousand above the mortgage.
(b) Five-thousand above the mortgage.
(c) Two-hundred thousand above the mortgage.
(d) Ten-thousand rubles.

11. What does Dunyasha do repeatedly throughout the play?
(a) Dance.
(b) Sing.
(c) Powder her face.
(d) Serve tea.

12. What does Trofimov call Varya to tease her?
(a) Madame Lopakhin.
(b) Madame Pishchik.
(c) A nun.
(d) Madame Ranevskaya.

13. How much money does Pishchik need in order to pay his interest?
(a) 420 rubles.
(b) 180 rubles.
(c) 100 rubles.
(d) 300 rubles.

14. Who is expected to propose to Varya?
(a) Lopakhin.
(b) Yasha.
(c) Trofimov.
(d) Gaev.

15. What has supposedly taken place at the beginning of Act 3?
(a) The estate has been divided into summer cottages.
(b) The auction of the estate.
(c) The departure of Anya.
(d) The arrival of the Countess.

Short Answer Questions

1. How much money does the Countess send to buy the estate?

2. What is the setting for Act 3?

3. Whose grandparents and parents are slaves on the estate?

4. Which character leads Lopakhin from the drawing room in Act 3?

5. What does Lyubov accuse Trofimov of?

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