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1. Describe Dunyasha's character. How does she dress? What is she constantly distracted by? Is she dedicated to her job?

Dunyasha is the maid on Lyubov's estate, although she does not act or carry herself like a servant. She wears her hair and attire like a "lady," and perpetually powders her face. She is accused of being "man crazy" and is constantly consumed with the suitors who proposition her. She tells Anya in Act 1 that Yepikhodov, the clerk, has proposed marriage, and she spends much of her time deciding whether or not she will marry him. She falls in love with Yasha, the man-servant to Lyubov.

2. How is Lopakhin's character different than that of Firs? How are they alike?

Lopakhin is a local merchant and friend of the family. He is the descendant of serfs and therefore is of the same class of person as Firs, who is a servant who chose not to leave after the emancipation Lopakhin's father and grandfather worked on Lyubov's estate, as Firs does. However, despite his poor background and his father's constant abuse and drunkenness, he goes on to become the richest person in the play. At the end of the play he purchases the estate, and therefore becomes the master of Firs and the remaining servants.

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