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Objective: Setting: The Cherry Orchard is Anton Chekhov's last play, set in Russia during the turn of the century. The setting of The Cherry Orchard is heavily inspired by the social upheaval following the Emancipation of slaves in Russia and how the new class system comes into play. The futility of the aristocracy's attempt to maintain superiority without funds to do so, and the attempts by the rising middle class to attain materialistic gain, is both struggles that play out in The Cherry Orchard. Today's lesson will focus on the historical significance of Russia's emancipation of serfs and the rising Industrial Age. The emancipation of slavery took place during the 1860s in Russia. More than 23 million people received liberty. Serfs who worked the land were given rights to buy land from the owners, but household slaves were the worst affected because they received liberty, but no land...

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