The Cherry Orchard Character Descriptions

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Anya - Anya

See Anya Ranevsky

Charlotte - Charlotte

See Charlotte Ivanovna

Dunyasha (doon-YA-sha) - This character is the maid at the estate.

Firs (feers) - This character is the family's faithful servant who is 87 years old.

Gayev - Gayev

See Leonid (lay-oh-NEED) Gayev

Leonid (lay-oh-NEED) Gayev (GUY-ev) - This character is the brother of the owner of the estate. He is obsessed with billiards.

Hiker - This character is a transient who begs for money when passing through the estate.

Charlotte Ivanovna (ee-VAN-ov-na) - This character, nicknamed "Little Cucumber," performs magic tricks.

Lopakhin - Lopakhin

See Yermolay (yer-mo-LYE) Lopakhin

Peter Trofimov (trow-FEE-mov) - This character is an eternal student, and was a tutor to the main character's son.

Pishchik - Pishchik

See Boris Simeonov-Pishchik

Post Office Clerk - This character appears as a guest at the ball.

Anya Ranevsky - This character is the 17-year-old...

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