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Act 2

• Act 2 opens in a garden outside the estate. There is a graveyard and abandoned chapel nearby and the beginning of the cherry orchard can be seen.

• Charlotta, Yasha, and Dunyasha sit on a bench. Yepikhodov plays guitar.

• Charlotta adjusts a gun she is carrying on a sling, and begins to talk about how she doesn't know her history--how old she is, and she has no passport.

• Charlotta tells how she was raised by circus performers who died when she was young. She was adopted by a German woman who taught her to become a governess.

• Yepikhodov sings of unrequited love and Yasha joins in singing and Charlotta comments how horribly they sing.

• Yepikhodov says he doesn't know where his life will lead, but that he carries a revolver at all times in case he decides to shoot himself.

• Charlotta leaves with her gun on a sling, complaining...

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