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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Most women are struck by Cheri's ____________.
(a) Charm.
(b) Money.
(c) Beauty.
(d) Clothes.

2. Why is Cheri overjoyed from hearing Ernest talking to the porter?
(a) He knows that Lea is coming to see him.
(b) He knows that Lea will telephone him tomorrow.
(c) He knows that Lea will be coming home soon.
(d) He knows Lea is home.

3. Which of the following does Cheri NOT say to Edmee when he tries to assure her that he loves her?
(a) He treats her the way any wife would want to be treated.
(b) He does not make any demands on her.
(c) He provides her with anything she needs.
(d) He is madly in love with her.

4. How can Cheri's attentions toward Lea be characterized?
(a) Constant.
(b) Random.
(c) Non-existent.
(d) Half-hearted.

5. How does Cheri behave when he sees Edmee wearing the pearl necklace?
(a) He slaps her.
(b) He refuses any romantic overtures.
(c) He rips the necklace from her body.
(d) He stomps out of the room.

Short Answer Questions

1. Which of the following does NOT describe Cheri?

2. What information does Cheri try to extract from Ernest?

3. What is the literary technique in which Lea tells about the past via memories?

4. Lea reminisces about a summer she spent with Cheri in ______________.

5. How old was Cheri when he began a relationship with Lea?

Short Essay Questions

1. How does Cheri learn that Lea is home from her trip?

2. How do Lea and Cheri feel about Cheri's proposed marriage to Edmee?

3. Describe the encounter Cheri has with Ernest at Lea's house.

4. Why are Cheri and Edmee at odds over the state of their marriage?

5. How are Cheri and Lea introduced to the reader in CHERI?

6. Who is the Pal and how does Cheri meet her?

7. What is the setting for CHERI?

8. What is Cheri's reaction when he returns from his honeymoon and learns of Lea's trip away from Paris?

9. What does Cheri do during the time he spends at Desmond's?

10. At 49, what is the future of Lea's career as a courtesan?

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