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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. For what organization does Edmee host another soiree?
(a) Hospital.
(b) Ballet company.
(c) Library.
(d) Museum.

2. Why does Edmee silently hate Cheri?
(a) For being rude to her mother.
(b) For not loving her.
(c) For not making more money.
(d) For criticizing her charity work.

3. What does Cheri drink while talking to the Pal?
(a) Soda.
(b) Tea.
(c) Whiskey.
(d) Gin.

4. What event is Edmee hosting when Cheri returns home?
(a) Garden club.
(b) Hospital luncheon.
(c) Card club.
(d) Theatre luncheon.

5. For how many years have Cheri and Edmee been married at this point?
(a) 3.
(b) 7.
(c) 1.
(d) 15.

6. What does Cheri surmise Lea's mood to be when he visits?
(a) Happy.
(b) Confused.
(c) Exuberant.
(d) Morose.

7. How does Cheri know that Edmee is going to bed?
(a) She is putting on night cream.
(b) She is yawning uncontrollably.
(c) She is having chamomile tea.
(d) He watches the lights in the house go out.

8. What does the Pal have that Cheri recognizes as having belonged to Lea?
(a) Hat.
(b) Clutch.
(c) Umbrella.
(d) Fur stole.

9. Cheri is bored by the setting and ___________ of the hospital.
(a) The routines.
(b) The flowers.
(c) The people.
(d) The smells.

10. Why does Cheri tell Lea he must leave?
(a) To see a dentist.
(b) To return to Edmee.
(c) To keep a business appointment.
(d) To buy her some pearls.

11. What is the one thing about Lea's appearance that pleases Cheri?
(a) She is wearing pearls.
(b) She wears glasses.
(c) She has beautiful makeup.
(d) She has her hair styled attractively.

12. What are Cheri's feelings about Lea in the morning light?
(a) He does not know what he ever saw in her.
(b) He wants to divorce his wife and marry her.
(c) He does not think their relationship can continue.
(d) He is as crazy about her as ever.

13. Who does Cheri decide to visit at the beginning of Chapter 8?
(a) Desmond.
(b) The Pal.
(c) Lea.
(d) Dr. Arnaud.

14. Lea reasons that two pastimes she could take up are knitting and _____________.
(a) Gardening.
(b) Napping.
(c) Playing cards.
(d) Cooking.

15. Which of the following has NOT abandoned Cheri emotionally?
(a) Madame Peloux.
(b) Edmee.
(c) Lea.
(d) The Pal.

Short Answer Questions

1. What makes Lea think that Cheri may be reconsidering his decision to leave?

2. What holiday is being celebrated at the beginning of Chapter 4?

3. Why does Edmee spend so much time at the hospital?

4. With whom does Edmee work on many charity projects?

5. What does Cheri notice about Edmee?

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