Objects & Places from Cheri and The Last of Cheri

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Lea's home - During the time of her relationship with Cheri, Lea lives in an ornately-appointed residence in Paris on the Avenue Bugeaud.

Madame Peloux's home - Madame Peloux frequently entertains guests here. This is also where Cheri and Edmee live for a short time upon their return from their wedding trip.

Neuilly - This is a suburb of Paris and the location of Madame Peloux's home.

Pearls - Cheri is attracted to the luster of these and throughout the book, they take on a significance of pleasure, wealth and comfort for Cheri.

Normandy - Lea and Cheri spend time here each year in order to escape the heat and pressures of Parisian summers.

The Morris Hotel - This is the location of Vicomte Desmond's apartment where Cheri stays for some time to avoid going home to Edmee.

Desmond's - This is the restaurant and bar owned...

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