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Frank Bunker Gilbreth, Sr.
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Where did the children have their tonsils taken out?
(a) At a large, prestigious hospital in Chicago.
(b) At a specialized clinic.
(c) At their Grandma Gilbreth's house.
(d) In their home.

2. Once Dad became a parent, what did he quickly learn about children, which contradicted his theories?
(a) Babies cry and sleep often.
(b) Children would rather play than study.
(c) Children do not always obey their parents.
(d) Children don't talk right after birth, and they don't instinctively swim.

3. How did the older children feel about the outlandish stories the media wrote about the Gilbreth family?
(a) They were mortified.
(b) They were angry, and they sometimes got into fights at school.
(c) They were able to shrug it off because they were used to it.
(d) They were happy because it meant they were a bit famous.

4. At the time when Mother traveled with the children, how many children were in the Gilbreth family?
(a) Twelve.
(b) Ten.
(c) Seven.
(d) Three.

5. What is the primary focus of Chapter 15?
(a) Good manners and house guests.
(b) Good manners and Aunt Anne's visits.
(c) Pranks and house guests.
(d) Poor manners and music lessons.

6. Which of the following is true about when Dad first met Mother's family?
(a) He was very different from them, but they loved him.
(b) He had a lot in common with them, and they loved him.
(c) He played a practical joke on her parents.
(d) He unintentionally insulted them.

7. What did Dad do every summer on their family vacation?
(a) He played the guitar and sang songs with the children.
(b) He talked about moving the family there permanently.
(c) He took a nap every day.
(d) He tried to teach Mother how to swim.

8. When did Mother become pregnant with their first child?
(a) About a year after their wedding.
(b) Five years after their wedding.
(c) About a week after their wedding.
(d) About a month after their wedding.

9. What circumstance surrounded Fred's birth?
(a) A blizzard.
(b) A power outage as a result of a thunderstorm.
(c) A small fire in the kitchen.
(d) A communication shortage as a result of a hurricane.

10. Which child was the only child allowed in the kitchen with the chef?
(a) Fred.
(b) Bill.
(c) Ernestine.
(d) Lill.

11. What concern did Mother have about giving birth at home?
(a) Her screams might scare the children.
(b) She might not be able to rest afterward.
(c) The new baby might not be able to sleep in such a busy household.
(d) Dad might interfere too much.

12. What is the title of Chapter 13, "Have You Seen the Latest Model?" referring to?
(a) The new car Dad purchased when another child was born.
(b) A toy truck that Frank, Jr. wanted for his birthday.
(c) A new machine in one of Dad's factories, which he was especially proud of.
(d) The newest child in the Gilbreth family.

13. How did Dad behave on the boat?
(a) He assumed the role of a sailor, and barked orders at his crew.
(b) He was unusually relaxed about the children's rules and behavior.
(c) He pretended to be Christopher Columbus.
(d) He was anxious, and very focused on keeping the children safe.

14. What did the children consider to be a great triumph at the dinner table?
(a) If Bill remembered to eat with his mouth closed.
(b) If Mother and Dad didn't argue about styles of discipline.
(c) If they caught Dad with his elbows on the table.
(d) If they made it through the entire meal without being reprimanded for their manners.

15. When the Gilbreth children visit Mother's relatives, how did they behave at first?
(a) They disobeyed often.
(b) They were homesick and wouldn't speak to anyone.
(c) They were noisy and disrespectful.
(d) They were on their best behavior.

Short Answer Questions

1. When Mother was sick with a cold, what did the children assume about her?

2. What didn't Dad believe in?

3. What was the name of the boat Dad purchased?

4. What happened to the children during their trip home?

5. What happened when Dad fell overboard their boat?

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