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Frank Bunker Gilbreth, Sr.
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What did the children's peers at school harass them about?
(a) Their father being plump.
(b) Using wooden pencils.
(c) Having hired help at home.
(d) Owning a nice car.

2. How did Dad behave on the boat?
(a) He was anxious, and very focused on keeping the children safe.
(b) He assumed the role of a sailor, and barked orders at his crew.
(c) He was unusually relaxed about the children's rules and behavior.
(d) He pretended to be Christopher Columbus.

3. Once Dad became a parent, what did he quickly learn about children, which contradicted his theories?
(a) Children don't talk right after birth, and they don't instinctively swim.
(b) Children do not always obey their parents.
(c) Children would rather play than study.
(d) Babies cry and sleep often.

4. What lessons did Dad conduct with the children on their vacation?
(a) Construction and Physics.
(b) Morse Code and Astronomy.
(c) Marine Biology and Physics.
(d) History and Mathematics.

5. When Mother was sick with a cold, what did the children assume about her?
(a) She would have to stay in bed for a year.
(b) She would have to go to the hospital.
(c) She was going to have another baby.
(d) She might die.

6. How did Lill make a male house guest feel at home?
(a) She asked him to teach her how to be funny like he was.
(b) She told him he was the nicest man she had ever met.
(c) She hugged him and said he had children who loved him.
(d) She baked cookies all by herself and gave them to him as a present.

7. What is the title of Chapter 13, "Have You Seen the Latest Model?" referring to?
(a) The newest child in the Gilbreth family.
(b) The new car Dad purchased when another child was born.
(c) A toy truck that Frank, Jr. wanted for his birthday.
(d) A new machine in one of Dad's factories, which he was especially proud of.

8. What gender did Dad want their first child to be?
(a) Whatever Mother wanted.
(b) He insisted that he didn't care whether it was a boy or a girl.
(c) He desperately wanted a boy.
(d) He desperately wanted a girl.

9. When the children got measles, what did Dad do?
(a) He pretended to have them too, covering this face with red dots.
(b) He took them to the hospital.
(c) He waited on them hand and foot.
(d) He prayed for them.

10. What decision did Dad make regarding his own surgery?
(a) He chose not to be completely put under during the surgery.
(b) He had the oldest children assist the doctor so they could learn about operations.
(c) He chose not to have the surgery, and he would save money for his children's surgeries.
(d) He became ill watching the children's surgeries and backed out of his own.

11. What happened when Dad fell overboard their boat?
(a) Bill tried to throw him a lifesaver, and then he fell overboard as well.
(b) He had to be rescued by the coast guard.
(c) The children were concerned that he would not surface, but then he came up smiling.
(d) The girls cried, and the boys laughed.

12. Why did Dad purchase a boat?
(a) The price was so low, he couldn't say no.
(b) To reward the children for learning how to swim.
(c) He wanted to study the movement of a boat in different kinds of weather.
(d) It was his lifelong dream.

13. Why did Dad make the children swim every day?
(a) They would stay clean.
(b) They would get exercise.
(c) They might become competitive swimmers.
(d) They could help Mother learn how to swim.

14. In Chapter 8, what does the reader learn about Mother's family?
(a) They focused on appearances rather than on the importance of relationships.
(b) They focused on the importance of relationships rather than appearances.
(c) They were very boisterous and outgoing people.
(d) They were preoccupied by their material possessions.

15. When did Mother become pregnant with their first child?
(a) About a year after their wedding.
(b) About a month after their wedding.
(c) About a week after their wedding.
(d) Five years after their wedding.

Short Answer Questions

1. What was it about Dad's photography that scared the youngest Gilbreth children?

2. What did the children consider to be a great triumph at the dinner table?

3. In Chapter 8, to where did Mother travel with the children?

4. Who got injured when Bill played a prank on them?

5. At what point in their relationship did Mother and Dad begin to dream about having a large family?

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