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Frank Bunker Gilbreth, Sr.
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. When Tom gave tours of the Gilbreth house while they were away, how did Mother and Dad each respond?
(a) Dad was furious with Tom, but Mother defended him.
(b) Dad and Mother firmly agreed that it was not appropriate for Tom to do this.
(c) Mother did not like it one bit, but Dad thought it wasn't a bad idea.
(d) Mother wanted to fire Tom, but Dad defended him.

2. Who surprised Mother and the children on their trip home?
(a) Their grandmother.
(b) Chew Wong.
(c) Uncle Fred.
(d) Dad.

3. When Mother was sick with a cold, what did the children assume about her?
(a) She would have to stay in bed for a year.
(b) She was going to have another baby.
(c) She might die.
(d) She would have to go to the hospital.

4. In Chapter 8, to where did Mother travel with the children?
(a) To California to visit her relatives.
(b) To Boston to visit her parents.
(c) To Fort Sill, Oklahoma, to visit Dad.
(d) To Connecticut to visit Uncle Fred.

5. Why did Dad make the children swim every day?
(a) They might become competitive swimmers.
(b) They would stay clean.
(c) They would get exercise.
(d) They could help Mother learn how to swim.

6. How did Mother and Dad often respond to the outlandish stories the media wrote about the Gilbreth family?
(a) Mother would cry, and Dad would be angry for days.
(b) Mother giggled about them, while Dad was angry.
(c) They giggled about it.
(d) They wrote letters to the newspaper demanding that they correct the inaccuracies.

7. When a tea party was thrown for Mother, what was required of the children?
(a) They had to go play at the neighbor's house until the guests were gone.
(b) They had to dress in fine, uncomfortable clothes, and wait in the garden.
(c) They all had to take long naps before the guests arrived.
(d) They had to dress in formal clothes and sit still at the table.

8. If a child was rude while a guest was over for dinner, how did Dad respond?
(a) He made them leave the table and sit alone in the kitchen.
(b) He whacked them on the head with his knuckles.
(c) He ordered them to go straight to bed.
(d) He made them stand and recite the Gettysburg Address.

9. When the children had their tonsils taken out, what did Dad do?
(a) He didn't allow them to rest very long afterward, so they could learn to recover quickly.
(b) He dressed up as a clown to make them feel better.
(c) He observed the surgeries and became ill.
(d) He decided to conduct a study of motion during operations.

10. What is the primary focus of Chapter 15?
(a) Good manners and house guests.
(b) Pranks and house guests.
(c) Poor manners and music lessons.
(d) Good manners and Aunt Anne's visits.

11. What is the title of Chapter 13, "Have You Seen the Latest Model?" referring to?
(a) The newest child in the Gilbreth family.
(b) The new car Dad purchased when another child was born.
(c) A toy truck that Frank, Jr. wanted for his birthday.
(d) A new machine in one of Dad's factories, which he was especially proud of.

12. What was the name of the boat Dad purchased?
(a) The Lillian.
(b) The Sailor.
(c) The Gilbreth.
(d) The Rena.

13. Who was the last Gilbreth child to be born?
(a) Lill.
(b) Fred.
(c) Martha.
(d) Jane.

14. What did the children's peers at school harass them about?
(a) Using wooden pencils.
(b) Owning a nice car.
(c) Having hired help at home.
(d) Their father being plump.

15. Why did Tom build a realistic looking coffin out of a packing case?
(a) The family could bury their dog who had passed away.
(b) Dad planned to used it in a movie about the automatic pencil factory.
(c) The family could bury their cat who had passed away.
(d) The children could reenact a scene from their favorite book.

Short Answer Questions

1. How did the older children feel about the outlandish stories the media wrote about the Gilbreth family?

2. What mistake did the doctor realize when Ernestine was lying on the operating table?

3. Which of the following is true about when Dad first met Mother's family?

4. What were Mother's parents concerned about?

5. What happened to Martha's two canaries during their summer travel?

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