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Frank Bunker Gilbreth, Sr.
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapters 12-15.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What was the family's code name for going to the bathroom in the woods instead of using a public restroom?
(a) "Visiting Mrs. Willow."
(b) "Visiting Mr. Meadow."
(c) "Visiting Mrs. Murphy."
(d) "Visiting Mr. Tree."

2. Which is an example of how Mother and Dad allowed the children to have a say in the running of the household?
(a) The children were allowed to veto anything which did not seem fair.
(b) Mother and Dad spoke with each child individually to give them a chance to share their ideas.
(c) The children were allowed to develop two household rules.
(d) The children proposed purchasing a different rug from what Mother chose, and she concurred.

3. How did the children feel when they experienced luxury?
(a) They felt jealous.
(b) They felt like they had fairy godmothers.
(c) They felt unworthy of such special treatment.
(d) They felt like they were princes and princesses.

4. Who got injured when Bill played a prank on them?
(a) Aunt Elinor.
(b) The children's grandmother.
(c) Chew Wong.
(d) Uncle Fred.

5. When the Gilbreth children visit Mother's relatives, how did they behave at first?
(a) They were homesick and wouldn't speak to anyone.
(b) They were noisy and disrespectful.
(c) They were on their best behavior.
(d) They disobeyed often.

Short Answer Questions

1. The Preface provides a glimpse into which dynamics of the Gilbreth household?

2. What happened to the children during their trip home?

3. How did Lill make a male house guest feel at home?

4. According to Ernestine, which of the following statements is true about the popularity of the book, "Cheaper by the Dozen"?

5. What was Dad's view of religious training?

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