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Frank Bunker Gilbreth, Sr.
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapters 8-11.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Although the children didn't have an interest in skipping grades, what was their motivation to try to achieve it anyway?
(a) To complete their education sooner.
(b) To avoid the humiliation of having a younger sibling join their class.
(c) To make Mother and Dad proud of them.
(d) To avoid being punished.

2. The children joined together to vote for __________.
(a) A cat.
(b) A dog.
(c) A tree house.
(d) A canoe.

3. In Chapter 4, how did Mother prepare for what she believed would be the inevitable outcome of their road trip?
(a) She packed a picnic for everyone.
(b) She made sure Dad took a long nap before they left home.
(c) She packed extra clothes for each child in her suitcase.
(d) She made sure everyone ate a good meal before they left home.

4. Which of the following is true about Dad's background?
(a) His father had a construction business and encouraged his son to follow the same career path.
(b) His mother was a passive woman and died very young.
(c) His father was a store owner and died very young.
(d) He was an orphan, because both of his parents died when he was very young.

5. Who got injured when Bill played a prank on them?
(a) Aunt Elinor.
(b) The children's grandmother.
(c) Chew Wong.
(d) Uncle Fred.

Short Answer Questions

1. While the family ate lunch, how did Dad use the time to educate the children?

2. Who surprised Mother and the children on their trip home?

3. How were the children expected to respond when they heard the whistle?

4. How did Lill display a strong work ethic at the age of eight?

5. In Chapter 1, what does the reader learn about how Dad strived to please his family?

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