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Frank Bunker Gilbreth, Sr.
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapters 12-15.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How did the children feel when they experienced luxury?
(a) They felt unworthy of such special treatment.
(b) They felt jealous.
(c) They felt like they had fairy godmothers.
(d) They felt like they were princes and princesses.

2. Once the children became comfortable at their relatives' house, what was the environment like?
(a) The relatives were exhausted by the children, and bickered with one another constantly.
(b) The house was full of joy.
(c) The house was noisy and chaotic.
(d) The house was a mess.

3. What did the children's peers at school harass them about?
(a) Their father being plump.
(b) Owning a nice car.
(c) Using wooden pencils.
(d) Having hired help at home.

4. Which is an example of how Dad never allowed the children to waste time at home?
(a) The children were required to sleep in their school clothes so they were ready in the morning.
(b) The children were required to recite poetry while bathing.
(c) The children were expected to eat their breakfast in five minutes or less.
(d) The children were required to listen to language records while bathing.

5. What method did Dad use with the children to reinforce that they work hard in school?
(a) He signed them up for classes below their grade level.
(b) He punished them often.
(c) He made them meet with the principal once a week.
(d) He rewarded them heavily.

Short Answer Questions

1. What qualities about Mother are revealed in Chapter 7?

2. At the time when Mother traveled with the children, how many children were in the Gilbreth family?

3. Why is Chapter 5 entitled "Mister Chairman"?

4. Much to Dad's dismay, what happened when he attempted to build a cement bird bath?

5. Where was the last Gilbreth child born?

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