Cheaper by the Dozen Multiple Choice Test Questions

Frank Bunker Gilbreth, Sr.
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Chapters from Preface - 3

1. What elements of the novel does Ernestine Gilbreth Carey introduce in the Preface of the book?
(a) Each of the lessons learned in the Gilbreth household as the children grew up.
(b) Detailed accounts of the personality of each member of the Gilbreth family.
(c) Her parents and a detailed account of the birth of each child in the Gilbreth family.
(d) Her parents, the household dynamics of the Gilbreth family, and the popularity of the book.

2. In the Preface, what tactic does Ernestine use in her writing to get the point across?
(a) Detailed timeline of the birth of each child in the Gilbreth family.
(b) Poetry to make the writing rhythmic and engaging.
(c) Anecdotes to amuse the reader.
(d) Highly sophisticated language.

3. The Preface provides a glimpse into which dynamics of the Gilbreth household?
(a) Interactions with grandparents and beloved staff.
(b) Children frequently tattling on one another.
(c) Shared responsibility for their dozens of pets.
(d) Constant disorder and misbehavior.

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