Che Guevara: A Revolutionary Life Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

Jon Lee Anderson
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Chapter 1-2

• Ernesto "Che" Guevara was born on May or June 14, 1928 or sometime thereabouts. His mother became pregnant before she was married and so his birth certificate was altered not to show this fact. No one is quite sure on exactly what day Che Guevara was born.

• The family used Che's mother, Celia's, inheritance to buy a plot of land in Rosario where they grew yerba maté, a variety of holly. Its leaves and twigs were used to brew a beverage like tea. In 1929, the family moved back to Buenos Aires.

• Che's father was interested in a shipyard that was currently being mismanaged by one of his cousins. For the time being, Guevara Lynch had lost his inheritance and was forced to live off his wife's inheritance and the meager income provided by the yerba maté farm.

• At the age of two, Che developed asthma, a condition he...

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