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Short Answer Questions

1. Which of the following phrases does Harriet use to describe her food?

2. What is Harriet's parrot holding in its beak?

3. Which poet's work has Chatterton seemed to have claimed as his own?

4. What do the stone stairs smell like?

5. What city do Philip and Charles travel to?

Short Essay Questions

1. What does Harriet fear?

2. What does Philip find out about Harriet in this chapter?

3. What do Wallis and Meredith see while they are working?

4. Why does Charles go to the antique store?

5. What is wrong with the tea Wallis makes Meredith?

6. Why does Charles not take money for the books?

7. What does Flint think about Chatterton's handwriting?

8. How does Vivien keep Charles' memory alive?

9. Why does Charles hesitate about accepting Harriet's proposal to write her memoirs?

10. Why is Chatterton excited about his life at the beginning of Chapter 13?

Essay Topics

Essay Topic 1

Choose one of the following and examine what it expresses about mid- to late-19th century society.

1) The Meredith marriage.

2) Wallis' portrait.

3) The servant's child.

Essay Topic 2

What problems does Charles' generation face? How are the problems for Charles' generation different from the problems Chatterton's generation faced? Identify and discuss a problem facing your generation.

Essay Topic 3

Examine the novel's dialogue. How does the author's dialogue contribute to the following areas:

1) Character

2) Setting

3) Plot

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