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This is the small town where Thomas Chatterton was born and raised.

St. Mary Redcliffe Church

This is the church where Chatterton's father worked until three months before Chatterton was born. It is also where Chatterton found fragments of manuscripts that inspired his Rowley sequence.

The Garret on Brooke Street, Holborn

This is where Chatterton committed suicide.

Arsenic and opium

This is the cure Chatterton took to cure his clap.

Leno Antiques

This is the junk store where Charles trades his books on flutes for the portrait of the unknown gentleman.

This is the art gallery where Vivien works and where Harriet Scrope takes the painting to have it authenticated.

Painting of an Unknown Gentleman

This is the painting Charles Wychwood finds that leads him to research Thomas Chatterton, and is later destroyed when an artist attempts to restore it.

Henry Wallis's painting, Chatterton

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