Chatterton Character Descriptions

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Charles Wychwood - He is married and has a child, but he is immature and lacks ambition. His wife works to support the family while he stays home to work on his poetry.

Vivien Wychwood - She does not mind working to support her family because she believes in her husband's work. There is no doubt in Vivien's mind that someone will one day publish her husband's work.

Edward Wychwood - He is a child mature beyond his years, more mature in some ways than his father.

Phillip Slack - He is extremely shy to the point of being anti-social. He is a single man who is in awe of Vivian.

Harriet Scrope - Her editor wants her to write a memoir but she is afraid of bringing her difficult past.

Mr. Cumberland and Mr. Maitland - They are co-owners of the gallery where Vivien works.


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