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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who arrives with Moll to the town party?
(a) Sir Walter.
(b) Touchwood Junior.
(c) Yellowhammer.
(d) Maudlin.

2. What religious celebration is happening while the Promoters are working?
(a) Ramadan.
(b) Easter.
(c) Passover.
(d) Lent.

3. What are Moll's last words to Touchwood Junior before she is taken away?
(a) That she will see him again soon.
(b) That she never loved him.
(c) That nothing can keep the two of them apart.
(d) That she will always love him.

4. Where does the argument over social standing occur?
(a) In the wating room of a hospital.
(b) In the classroom of a school.
(c) On the steps of a church.
(d) At the altar of the palace.

5. What role do the group of townsfolk invited to the party play in the ceremony?
(a) Acting as servants.
(b) Actings as assistants.
(c) Acting as witnesses.
(d) Acting as entertainment.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Touchwood Junior tell Moll he has brought to the town party?

2. What does Touchwood Senior offer to the Wench's cousin if she does not press charges against him?

3. Who is the current heir to Lady Kix's estate?

4. What does Touchwood Senior try to convince the Wench of after she calls him a lying villain?

5. Why does Allwit ask the wet nurse to bring the new baby into his study?

Short Essay Questions

1. How much does Sir Oliver promise to pay Touchwood Senior, and for what events?

2. How does Touchwood Senior's story end?

3. How does Allwit feel about the birth of his new baby?

4. How does Sir Oliver react to the news that Lady Kix is pregnant?

5. How does the reader know that Touchwood Senior is duping Sir Oliver?

6. How is Davy Dahumma greeted when he arrives at Allwit's home?

7. What opinion does Maudlin have about fools, and how are her comments on the topic received by Tim?

8. What news does the first servant bring to the Allwit's home, and what is the reaction to this news?

9. What happens when the Promoters accost the Wench in an alleyway?

10. What happens when Touchwood Junior challenges Sir Walter do a duel?

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