A Chaste Maid in Cheapside Character Descriptions

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Mr. Allwit - This character lives a life of luxury after allowing his wife to have an affair in exchange for his household expenses.

Mrs. Allwit - This character's marriage is more like a business arrangement than a love relationship. This character is basically a prostitute to pay all the household bills.

Davy Dahanna - This character is poor and forced by a relative into servitude. This character serves as a messenger throughout the play, and provides humorous asides.

Mrs. Kix - This character is so distraught over not being able to have a child with her husband that she hires another man to impregnate her.

Sir Oliver Kix - This character is tricked into drinking a vial of almond milk under the guise that it is fertility water, and is sent to ride a horse for five hours straight, to mix up the potion.


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