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Act 1, Scene 1

• The play opens with Maudlin telling her daughter Moll that she should be working harder to gain the attentions of an available knight. At Moll's age, Maudlin is already pregnant.

• Maudlin and Yellowhammer, her husband, discuss the fact that Sir Walter Whorehound, a knight, will be arriving into town soon to meet their daughter, with whom they have arranged his marriage.

• Sir Walter is also bringing his niece, who will marry their son, Tim. Maudlin and Yellowhammer are very excited to meet their new daughter-in-law, as they are sure she is very wealthy.

• Sir Walter arrives and presents a young Gentlewoman as his niece, although the audience overhears him speak to his assistant, Davy Dahumma, saying that he is unsure how she will pass as a virgin since she is actually his mistress.

• A young man named Touchwood Junior arrives and passes Moll a note asking...

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