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Blue Balliett
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Petra imagine in the bath?
(a) A rectangle inside of a triangle.
(b) A jigsaw puzzle.
(c) The lady standing inside a bright light.
(d) The lady hung in a dark dungeon.

2. What is does Petra and Calder think Petra has found?
(a) There does not seem to be any sense to what they have found.
(b) It is a piece of the pencil the thief used to write the letter.
(c) A portion of the letter by the thief.
(d) Evidence that someone is committing forgery of a painting.

3. What do protests encourage the thief to do?
(a) Keep the lady.
(b) Steal more paintings.
(c) Put the lady somewhere that the common people can enjoy her.
(d) Return the lady and ignore the experts.

4. Why do Petra and Calder go to Fargo Hall?
(a) To register for the standardized test for their age group.
(b) To get hot chocolate.
(c) To apply for a grant to open the art gallery on campus.
(d) To take the FCAT.

5. What has Ms. Hussey received?
(a) A reprimand from the school board.
(b) One of the letters from the thief.
(c) A letter from her ex-husband.
(d) Bail from an anonymous well wisher.

Short Answer Questions

1. What deadline does the thief give for his demands to be met?

2. What does Petra feel about her thoughts the next morning?

3. What do Petra and Calder learn about Mrs. Sharpe's husband?

4. What does Petra encounter when she walks into the kitchen the next morning?

5. What are young people encourage to do in the "After" section?

Short Essay Questions

1. How is Ms. Hussey's class metamorphosing?

2. What is significant about the number twelve?

3. Who is chasing Petra and Calder and what happens?

4. Where does Calder manage to be left behind and what does he find?

5. How do Petra and Calder manage to have access to some of the hidden areas of the school?

6. What hypothetical question does Ms. Hussey ask the Calder and Petra and what is their response?

7. What do Calder and Petra wonder as they sit in Gracie Hall?

8. How does Calder manage to search Mrs. Sharpe's house, and what does he find?

9. Why do Petra and Calder not read the letter from Mrs. Sharpe to Ms. Hussey?

10. What does the letter from Tommy say and how do Petra and Calder help?

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