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Blue Balliett
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What do Petra and Calder do on November 22?
(a) Have tea at the Art Institute of Chicago.
(b) Have tea with Mrs. Sharpe.
(c) Try to contact Vermeer in a seance.
(d) Get out of school early.

2. What do protests encourage the thief to do?
(a) Steal more paintings.
(b) Put the lady somewhere that the common people can enjoy her.
(c) Return the lady and ignore the experts.
(d) Keep the lady.

3. What sign does Calder carry to hide the painting?
(a) A sign from the last production in the theater.
(b) A tornado shelter sign.
(c) A "slippery when wet" sign.
(d) None.

4. What deadline does the thief give for his demands to be met?
(a) January 11.
(b) January 21.
(c) February 1.
(d) February 14.

5. What happens after "The Lady Writing" is returned to the National Gallery?
(a) Someone challenges if it is really the original.
(b) Nothing.
(c) Petra and Calder were invited to a special Vermeer showing at the gallery.
(d) Many of the tags on paintings were changed to be attributed to Vermeer.

6. Who does Petra see with a package in his arms?
(a) Her father.
(b) Her brother.
(c) Mrs. Sharpe's son.
(d) The principal.

7. How many dollars was the thief going to get for the Vermeer painting?
(a) 5 million.
(b) 60 million.
(c) 2 million.
(d) 10 million.

8. Why is Mrs. Sharpe asking for police protection?
(a) She receives a letter from the thief.
(b) Someone broke in to her home.
(c) A vagrant has been bothering her.
(d) Her son-in-law has gone berserk.

9. Where do Petra and Calder wonder if the painting could be?
(a) At Powell's Books.
(b) Lower School.
(c) In the train station.
(d) At Mrs. Sharpe's.

10. Who do Calder and Petra encounter in Delia Dell Hall?
(a) Ms. Hussey.
(b) The principal.
(c) The man with the foreign accent.
(d) The janitor.

11. Where are Petra and Calder in the opening of Chapter Seventeen?
(a) In the bushes outside Ms. Hussey's living room windows.q
(b) In the school library.
(c) Near Mrs. Sharpe's home.
(d) In Petra's family room.

12. Where is Calder caught?
(a) In the parking lot.
(b) On the playground.
(c) On the basement steps.
(d) In a hallway.

13. Where do the students find many objects that resemble objects in Vermeer paintings?
(a) At the museum.
(b) No where.
(c) At Mrs. Sharpe's home.
(d) In other painters' pictures.

14. How do Petra and Calder rethink their estimate of the thief?
(a) That he is bluffing.
(b) That he is insane.
(c) That he is more ruthless than they had thought.
(d) That he knows more about Vermeer than they realized.

15. How much do the students have to know about art to have an opinion about art?
(a) They have to have taken a semester of art appreciation.
(b) They have to at least studied the major artists of Vermeer's time.
(c) Not much.
(d) They have to be experts.

Short Answer Questions

1. What number is associated with odd coincidences?

2. Where does Calder find "The Lady Waiting"?

3. What is said in the publication?

4. What does Petra see on the ground?

5. What is becoming a worldwide phenomenon?

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