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Blue Balliett
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why hypothetical situation does Ms. Hussey put to Calder and Petra?
(a) About being immortal.
(b) About returning something that was stolen.
(c) About having Mrs. Sharpe examined by a psychiatrist.
(d) About receiving a letter.

2. About what does Mrs. Sharpe seem pleased?
(a) The way the children have become so obsessed with Vermeer.
(b) That Ms. Hussey is teaching Vermeer.
(c) The theft of the Vermeer painting.
(d) The way the lady haunts Petra's dreams.

3. How much do the students have to know about art to have an opinion about art?
(a) They have to be experts.
(b) They have to at least studied the major artists of Vermeer's time.
(c) They have to have taken a semester of art appreciation.
(d) Not much.

4. What question is asked concerning both Ms. Hussey and Mrs. Sharpe?
(a) If they have been mistaken for someone else.
(b) If they are not just harmless women.
(c) Why the two of them received letters.
(d) If the two of them are part of a conspiracy.

5. Who is Xavier Glitts?
(a) The real name of Fred Steadman.
(b) Petra's father's boss.
(c) The policeman who helped Petra.
(d) A Vermeer expert who is called in to authenticate "The Lady Writing".

6. Where do Petra and the security guard go?
(a) To the police department.
(b) To the basement.
(c) To Ms. Hussey's classroom.
(d) To find Calder.

7. What are young people encourage to do in the "After" section?
(a) Take up painting.
(b) Create their on adventures.
(c) Pay attention to strange coincidences.
(d) Study some of the less well known painters.

8. What appears in newspapers around the world?
(a) A picture of Mrs. Sharpe stealing the painting.
(b) A picture just recently found of Vermeer.
(c) A picture of Ms. Hussey handing the stolen painting to Mrs. Sharpe.
(d) The thief's letter.

9. What does Petra wonder about Ms. Hussey and Mrs. Sharpe?
(a) If they know the thief.
(b) If they are in danger.
(c) Their connections to the crime.
(d) If they are in cohorts.

10. What is becoming a worldwide phenomenon?
(a) Reverence for Vermeer.
(b) Bringing art to the people.
(c) Nothing.
(d) The taking of paintings as hostage for learning.

11. Where does Calder find "The Lady Waiting"?
(a) On the merry go round in the play yard at the school.
(b) In the Castiglione's treehouse.
(c) In the squad car in his front driveway.
(d) In Mrs. Sharpe's back yard.

12. What does Mrs. Sharpe believe about the woman in Petra's dreams?
(a) The woman is trying to speak to Petra.
(b) The woman is a friend of her deceased husband.
(c) The woman is a reincarnation of another woman.
(d) The woman is being held against her will somewhere.

13. What do Petra and Calder do on November 22?
(a) Get out of school early.
(b) Try to contact Vermeer in a seance.
(c) Have tea with Mrs. Sharpe.
(d) Have tea at the Art Institute of Chicago.

14. What is does Petra and Calder think Petra has found?
(a) There does not seem to be any sense to what they have found.
(b) It is a piece of the pencil the thief used to write the letter.
(c) A portion of the letter by the thief.
(d) Evidence that someone is committing forgery of a painting.

15. Why do Petra and Calder pretend this assignment?
(a) So no one will question why they are not in class.
(b) So they can have access to hidden areas around the school.
(c) So they can learn more from art experts.
(d) So they can help Ms. Hussey.

Short Answer Questions

1. From whom does Calder receive a phone call?

2. What does Mrs. Sharpe give Petra and Calder?

3. What does Petra find where he has been left behind?

4. Where do Petra and Calder see Mrs. Sharpe again?

5. What is Xavier's nickname?

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