Objects & Places from Chasing Vermeer

Blue Balliett
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The setting for the story.

Hyde Park

The neighborhood in which the story takes place.

University School

The school Petra and Calder attend.

University of Chicago

Located near the University School and is connected to this school.

Powell's Used Books

Where Calder works.

Harper Avenue

Where both Petra and Calder live.

New York

Where Calder's friend Tommy has moved with his family.

Gracie Hall

Where the children first look for the painting but do not find it.

Delia Dell Hall

Where the children find the stolen painting.

Castaglione's Treehouse

Where the thief hides out.


Where Xavier Glitts dies.

The Art Institute

Ms. Hussey takes her class here for a field trip.

Calder's House

This place is very quiet and peaceful.

Petra's House

This place is often loud and rowdy.

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