Chasing Vermeer Fun Activities

Blue Balliett
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Art Museum

Visit an art museum and write down your feelings and interpretation of one of the paintings you see.


Learn the twelve pentominoes figures.


Paint a picture using the twelve pentominoes and the three primary colors.

Vermeer Paintings

Look at a collection of Vermeer paintings, decide which one you like the most and then explain the painting in detail to the class.


Make up a short encryption system using pentominoes.

Bizarre Happenings

Research unexplained phenomenon and come up with your own explanation of what you think it is. Present your idea to the class.

Travel Brochure

Prepare a travel brochure on Chicago to share with the class encouraging people to visit the city.

Character Description

Write a physical, emotional, and relational description of two characters from "Chasing Vermeer". Add a portrait to go along with your written description.


Create a time line including...

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