Chasing Vermeer Character Descriptions

Blue Balliett
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Calder Pillay

An eleven-year-old boy who attends the University School in Hyde Park near Chicago.

Petra Andalee

A quirky eleven-year-old who is smart and has a way with words that is unusual for a child her age.

Ms. Isabel Hussey

Calder and Petra's very liberal teacher. .

Tommy Segovia

Calder's best friend whose mother and stepfather move him to New York.

Mr. Watch

The owner of Powell's Bookstore and the recipient of one of the three letters.

Frank and Norma Andalee

Petra's parents.

Walter and Yvette Pillay

Calder's very attentive parents.

Charles Fort

The author of Lo!

The Lady

The woman in some paintings by Johannes Vermeer.

Mrs. Louise Coffin Sharpe

The somewhat unfriendly old woman who lives near Calder and Petra.


A boy who is in Tommy's class in New York who they all believe has disappeared.

Johannes Vermeer

The artist who painted "The Lady Writing".

Art Scholar/Thief/Fred Steadman/Xavier Glitts/Glitterman

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