Chasing Vermeer Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

Blue Balliett
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About Pentominoes and about this Story, About the Artwork: A Challenge to the Reader, and Chapter One

• "Chasing Vermeer" is a book that challenges young readers to solve an art theft crime, learning many skills in the process.

• Pentominoes are twelve geometric shapes used to create rectangles and study the world in a geometric way.

• The reader is challenged to study the artworks in the book closely as there are clues related in the pictures.

• In Chicago, three letters are delivered to three different people saying they have been chosen to pursue justice.
• The letters tell the people not to go to the authorities. The letters surprise them and they are unsure what to do.

• They wonder what will happen or not happen if they do not take the letters seriously.

Chapter Two and Chapter Three

• Ms. Hussey is teaching her students how to write letters. She teaches...

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