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Michael Connelly
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Pierce find under Lilly's bed in Chapter 13 and on the mattress covering the bed?
(a) A large, brown stain he believes is blood.
(b) A gun and a stain that could be blood.
(c) A jar of rat poison and spilled alcohol.
(d) Burn marks.

2. Where does the address Pierce found for Lilly lead him in Chapter 7?
(a) A private mail drop business, All American Mail.
(b) A small bungalow.
(c) A beach house.
(d) A smoothie shop.

3. What memory of the Ferris wheel on the Santa Monica pier does Pierce repeatedly think of throughout the novel?
(a) A forbidden kiss with a colleagues wife during a ride on a Ferris wheel.
(b) An Amedeo party at which he and Nicole rode the Ferris wheel for an extended amount of time.
(c) A bad experience with heights as a child.
(d) A ride with a girlfriend in high school of whom Robin reminds him.

4. Who calls Pierce at the end of Chapter 17 and agrees to meet to discuss Lilly Quinlan?
(a) Billy Wentz.
(b) Grady Allison.
(c) Philip Glass.
(d) Renner.

5. Who is Nicole James?
(a) Pierce's personal assistant.
(b) Pierce's business partner.
(c) Pierce's former fiance.
(d) Pierce's information officer.

6. What does Robin ask Pierce to buy for her before she will see him?
(a) A boquet of flowers.
(b) A strawberry smoothie.
(c) A pizza.
(d) A box of candies.

7. What reason does Pierce give Renner in Chapter 14 for investigating Lilly Quinlan's disappearance?
(a) She was a friend.
(b) She reminds him of his sister.
(c) He was asked to do so by her mother.
(d) He was curious.

8. What does Wentz use to hit Pierce across the face, breaking his nose?
(a) His phone.
(b) A chair.
(c) His fist.
(d) His boot.

9. Posters of what Dr. Seuss book decorate the walls of the lab at Pierce's company?
(a) The Cat in the Hat.
(b) Horton Hears a Who.
(c) Green Eggs and Ham.
(d) Hop on Pop.

10. Whose number does Wentz find on Pierce's caller ID that makes him angry?
(a) Charlie's.
(b) Robin's.
(c) Nicole's.
(d) Cody's.

11. What does Pierce find behind a door marked private in the offices of Entrepreneurial Concepts Unlimited?
(a) Offices.
(b) Telephone operators.
(c) Studios.
(d) A computer room.

12. What band is Cody Zeller listening to when Pierce goes into his office in Chapter 10?
(a) The Black Eyed Peas.
(b) Metallica.
(c) Guns N Roses.
(d) Twisted Sister.

13. Why does Pierce tell his elevator companions in Chapter 19 that he needs to return to the lobby?
(a) Something about them makes him nervous.
(b) He forgot to lock his car.
(c) He needs to check his laundry.
(d) He forgot to tip the bellboy.

14. Why does the girl at Entrepreneurial Concepts Unlimited suggest the boss chose to leave Lilly's site up even though she had stopped paying?
(a) Her picture keeps clients coming back.
(b) He gave her an extension on the bill.
(c) He hopes she will begin paying again.
(d) She is a personal friend of his.

15. What does Pierce take from under the blotter at the front reception area at Entrepreneurial Concepts Unlimited?
(a) A free coupon to a membership to one of the websites.
(b) A dollar.
(c) A pad with a password on it.
(d) Lilly's file.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why did Pierce's stepfather send him into crack houses to find his sister, Isabelle, when he was a child?

2. What name does Pierce reveal in Chapter 16 his sister used on the streets before her death?

3. Who is Henry Pierce?

4. What is Pierce willing to offer to an investor in exchange for the money he needs to continue his research?

5. Who gave Pierce a caricature of himself that hangs on the wall of his office?

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