Chasing the Dime: A Novel Essay Topics & Writing Assignments

Michael Connelly
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Essay Topic 1

Who is Henry Pierce? What kind of research does he do? What does Pierce hope to do with his research? What does Horton Hears a Who? have to do with his work? What is Fantastic Voyage? What has that to do with Pierce's work? Why has Pierce recently moved? How does he feel about the move? Who keeps calling Pierce's new phone number? For what reason? What does Pierce do with this information? Why is Pierce so interested in the whereabouts of Lilly Quinlan? Whom does Lilly remind him of? For what reason? What guilt does Pierce carry around because of this person?

Essay Topic 2

What is Amedeo Technologies? Who is it named for? What do they do there? How will their research change the world? What kind of security do they have? How are the lights operated? Why is this important to the plot? What...

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