Chasing the Dime: A Novel Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

Michael Connelly
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Chapters 1 - 3

• Henry Pierce, the owner of Amedeo Technologies has just moved into a new apartment after a split with his fiance.

• Pierce hooks up his phone and immediately begins getting calls for a woman named Lilly from strange men in hotels.

• Pierce's friend Cody Zeller calls and invites him out, but Pierce declines.
• Pierce goes into his office where he finds a somewhat impersonal e-mail from his fiance announcing her departure as public information officer.

• Pierce goes to Nicole's office and looks through a file on competitor Bronson Technologies. There is a new article in the file regarding their recent receipt of backing from a Japanese firm.

• Pierce looks at his wall of fame and thinks about his success in biological and computer technologies over the past ten years.

• Pierce's head of security comes into the lab and questions him on his break with Nicole, suggesting Nicole...

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