Chasing Lincoln's Killer Short Answer Test - Answer Key

James L. Swanson
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1. What color uniforms did Southern soldiers wear during the Civil War?


2. What color uniforms did Northern soldiers wear during the Civil War?


3. What does the word secede mean?

To separate.

4. How many casualties did the Civil War result in?


5. What fraction of the casualties during the Civil War died due to disease?


6. For how many years did the Civil War last?


7. What monument in Washington, D.C. had recently been completed at the time of Lincoln's inauguration in 1865?

The Capitol dome.

8. How many words did Abraham Lincoln's inauguration speech of 1865 contain?


9. On what date did Richmond, Virginia, the capital city of the Confederate States of America, fall to Union forces?

April 3, 1865.

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