Objects & Places from Chasing Lincoln's Killer

James L. Swanson
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Photo of John Wilkes Booth at Inauguration

This object represents Lincoln's lack of awareness about a plot to take his life. This object was created on March 4, 1865 on the day of Lincoln's presidential inauguration. The person who created this object, Alexander Gardner, was focused on the president and other prominent politicians of the time, but this object also prominently shows John Wilkes Booth, Lincoln's assassin, alone on a balcony watching Lincoln's speech.

Letter from Mary Todd Lincoln to the owner of the Ford Theater

This object represents the unlucky series of events that came together to make John Wilkes Booth's assassination of Lincoln possible. The object also symbolizes Lincoln's desire to be able to move among the common people as president, rather than to be surrounded by armed guards that would separate him from the citizens of the country. This object was delivered to the proprietors of Ford...

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