Chasing Lincoln's Killer Character Descriptions

James L. Swanson
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Abraham Lincoln

This person was the sixteenth President of the United States and was a champion for the rights of all manner of Americans. This person was assassinated five days after the surrender of General Robert E. Lee, the event that brought an end to the Civil War and victory to the Union.

Mary Todd Lincoln

This person was the First Lady of the United States and was seated next to the person who was assassinated. This person struggled to deal with the death of her beloved husband throughout the remainder of her life.

John Wilkes Booth

This person was the infamous murderer who assassinated the president. He was a well-known and widely-touted actor who came from a long line of show business family members. When his dedication to slavery and the tenets of the Confederacy's position led him to assassinate the president, he sacrificed a successful career in...

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