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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Eva tells Billy that Mary _____________________________.
(a) Died a few years ago
(b) Never forgave Eva for her deception
(c) Moved to Italy
(d) Entered the convent

2. What do Dennis' kids do after his wife dies?
(a) Move in with him
(b) Invite him to stay with them
(c) Take turns staying with him
(d) Leave him on his own

3. What does Billy do when he arrives in Ireland?
(a) Rents a car
(b) Walks on the beach
(c) Goes to church
(d) Goes to his hotel

4. Dennis' daughter knows that Dennis wants to tell Dan _______________________.
(a) About being in love with Maeve
(b) The truth about Eva
(c) About losing his job
(d) About his new car

5. On the day that Billy died, what happened that had happened many times before?
(a) Billy watched the evening news and went out
(b) Billy brought her flowers
(c) Billy did not call to tell her where he was
(d) Billy did not come home all night

6. Who gives Billy directions?
(a) The bartender
(b) The store manager
(c) A customer
(d) The station owner's wife

7. What does Maeve do in the early days of her courtship with Billy in order to get to see him?
(a) Drives up and down his street
(b) Sits in the coffee shop across the street
(c) Throws her father's shoes down the incinerator and has to go to the shoe store
(d) Joins his church

8. What does Dennis do when he comes into Maeve's house?
(a) Hugs Maeve
(b) Turns on the stereo
(c) Takes the dog for a walk
(d) Puts beer in the refrigerator

9. Where does Dennis go on a service call that afternoon?
(a) A black church
(b) A restaurant
(c) A hospital
(d) A school

10. Who helps Maeve with Billy's funeral arrangements?
(a) Dennis' daughter
(b) Dennis
(c) Dan
(d) Eric

11. Who stays to help Maeve through the night after Billy's funeral?
(a) Sheila
(b) Kate
(c) Dennis
(d) Dennis' daughter

12. When does Dennis lose his faith?
(a) When his wife dies
(b) When his daughter dies
(c) When Eva dies
(d) When Billy dies

13. Who would help Maeve get Billy to bed when he was drunk?
(a) Dan
(b) Dennis
(c) Eric
(d) Brian

14. What do most people tell Dennis to do after his wife dies?
(a) Cry
(b) Scream
(c) Throw things
(d) Pound the wall

15. Who had sent Maeve the item stuck in the mirror?
(a) Dan
(b) Billy
(c) Dennis
(d) Sheila

Short Answer Questions

1. Dan tells Dennis and his daughter that no one thought Billy would ________________________.

2. What had Maeve drunk on an empty stomach?

3. Maeve's father was Billy's first ______________________.

4. Where does Billy stop for directions while driving in Ireland?

5. Who would help Maeve get her father to bed when he was drunk?

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