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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who would help Maeve get Billy to bed when he was drunk?
(a) Dan
(b) Dennis
(c) Brian
(d) Eric

2. Why is Dennis especially upset about Billy's grief over Eva?
(a) It is based on a lie he told
(b) He had told Billy to forget Eva
(c) He is Billy's step-brother
(d) He is in love with Eva

3. Who had sent Maeve the item stuck in the mirror?
(a) Billy
(b) Dan
(c) Sheila
(d) Dennis

4. What does Dennis do with the item the minister gives him?
(a) Smashes it against a wall
(b) Throws it in the trash
(c) Drops it on the ground
(d) Puts it in his pocket

5. Dennis' daughter is not sure Dennis __________________________.
(a) Knows who she is
(b) Can drive anymore
(c) Can live by himself
(d) Is telling the truth

6. Eva tells Billy that Mary has been married ________ times.
(a) 2
(b) 1
(c) 3

7. Maeve learns that Billy's body has been taken to _____________________.
(a) The morgue
(b) NYU Medical Center
(c) The VA Hospital
(d) The police station

8. What does Dan Lynch insist of Dennis and his daughter?
(a) They drive him home
(b) They let him drive home
(c) They spend the night
(d) They come in for a nightcap

9. When does Dennis lose his faith?
(a) When Billy dies
(b) When his wife dies
(c) When Eva dies
(d) When his daughter dies

10. What does Maeve do in the early days of her courtship with Billy in order to get to see him?
(a) Sits in the coffee shop across the street
(b) Joins his church
(c) Throws her father's shoes down the incinerator and has to go to the shoe store
(d) Drives up and down his street

11. What year does Billy go to Ireland?
(a) 1983
(b) 1973
(c) 1993
(d) 1963

12. What had happened on the night Dennis was denied a promotion?
(a) Eva died
(b) Dennis' daughter was born
(c) Dennis' wife got sick
(d) Billy called to talk about Eva

13. Who identifies Billy's body on the day he dies?
(a) Maeve
(b) Sheila
(c) Dan
(d) Dennis

14. Who sits all night with Maeve on the night that Billy dies?
(a) Dennis' daughter
(b) Her neighbor
(c) Kate
(d) Dennis

15. On the day that Billy died, what happened that had happened many times before?
(a) Billy did not call to tell her where he was
(b) Billy brought her flowers
(c) Billy did not come home all night
(d) Billy watched the evening news and went out

Short Answer Questions

1. Whose funeral do others in the house begin to talk about?

2. Who helps Maeve with Billy's funeral arrangements?

3. What episode is Dennis reminded of when the minister tries to bribe him?

4. Dan feels that Billy's life would have been different if ______________________.

5. Where do people gather on the evening of Billy's funeral?

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