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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Matt offer Dennis' daughter?
(a) A beach umbrella
(b) Some sunscreen
(c) A ride home
(d) A beach towel

2. Dennis thinks that his mother is a ____________________.
(a) Peach
(b) Dream killer
(c) Troublemaker
(d) Saint

3. What is the time period when Chapter 4 begins?
(a) July 1945
(b) July 1955
(c) July 1935
(d) July 1965

4. What is the employment of one of the girls?
(a) Waitress
(b) Teacher
(c) Singer
(d) Nanny

5. What does Dennis warn Billy about talking about to his mother and stepfather?
(a) Religion
(b) Nazis
(c) Eva
(d) Mary

6. What does Mary jokingly tell Dennis to tell Billy about Eva?
(a) She left Ireland with no forwarding address
(b) She is a lesbian
(c) She is dead
(d) She has become a nun

7. Where do Dennis and his daughter pick up Billy when he returns from Ireland?
(a) Amtrak station
(b) Bus station
(c) Train station
(d) Airport

8. What is Billy's reaction to Dennis' deception about Eva?
(a) Not very angry
(b) Explosive
(c) Really hurt
(d) Disappointed

9. Who owns the Long Island house now?
(a) Eva
(b) Danny
(c) Dennis
(d) Maeve

10. What is the name of the young woman who comes to the shoe store?
(a) Marlene
(b) Mabel
(c) Mavis
(d) Maeve

11. What does Dennis tell Billy about Eva?
(a) She married another man
(b) She does not love him
(c) She has cancer
(d) She died

12. Where was Sheila living when she met Daniel?
(a) An orphanage
(b) A foster home
(c) The YWCA
(d) With an aunt and uncle

13. Who do Billy and Dennis tell about Billy's learning the truth about Eva?
(a) Their parish priest
(b) No one
(c) Their children
(d) Their wives

14. What does Mr. Holtzman's assistant think about the young woman?
(a) She has a crush on Billy
(b) She would be a good employee
(c) She is too shy to talk to anyone
(d) She is the most beautiful girl he has ever seen

15. How does Billy coerce one of the little girls to go to bed?
(a) Shadow puppets
(b) Songs
(c) Candy
(d) His smile and poetry

Short Answer Questions

1. What do Dennis and Billy do before returning to their jobs?

2. What did Eva do with the money Billy had been sending her to come to America?

3. Who is visiting Dennis on the day Billy returns from Ireland?

4. Where is Dennis' stepfather's home located?

5. How does Dennis' daughter recall Billy's demeanor when they have lunch?

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