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Short Answer Questions

1. What does the cousin in Charlotte's first story do?

2. What is Mr. Zuckerman's dream about Wilbur?

3. What does Charlotte know when she hears the song of the crickets at the beginning of Chapter 15?

4. Which of the following is not a name Wilbur gives to one of Charlotte's children?

5. What does Fern want when everyone is preparing to take Wilbur to the judges' stand to receive a special award?

Short Essay Questions

1. After whose hour of triumph might this chapter be named, and why?

2. What kind of lullaby does Charlotte sing to Wilbur?

3. What effect do Charlotte's webs start to have on Wilbur?

4. Why is Wilbur worrying during his first day at the Fair?

5. Why does Wilbur struggle when the men try to put him in the crate?

6. How is Charlotte's time and attention beginning to split as the trip to the County Fair approaches?

7. How does Dr. Dorian feel about the possibility that animals can talk?

8. What lesson does the old sheep teach at the end of Chapter 12?

9. Does Wilbur act more like a child or an adult when it is time for him to go to sleep during his first night at the Fair?

10. Why might Charlotte's children mean so much to Wilbur?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Discuss the idea that people will believe anything they read in print. Does this story support that theory, and if so, how? Consider the messages contained in Charlotte's web, what inspired the writing of each one, and the reactions of various characters to each one.

Essay Topic 2

Is there a moral to this story, and if so, what is it? Can it be summed up in a sentence? Does a character state it outright, or must the reader piece it together from the experience of reading the book? Use specific examples from the text to support your opinion.

Essay Topic 3

What is the relationship between the webs Charlotte weaves and the effect the words have on Wilbur? Consider issues such as why Charlotte chooses each word or phrase, how fitting she feels each is, how fitting Wilbur feels each is, and how Wilbur behaves after each web is woven and presented to an audience.

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