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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who wins first prize at the Fair?
(a) Lulu Belle.
(b) Wilbur.
(c) Uncle.
(d) Porkins.

2. At the end of Chapter 18, how does Fern feel about the time she spent at the Fair?
(a) She says she had a bad time because Avery and Henry Fussy kept teasing her.
(b) She says she couldn't enjoy herself very much because she was too worried about Wilbur.
(c) She says she didn't enjoy it too much because the Ferris wheel made her sick to her stomach.
(d) She says she had the best time she has ever had anywhere or any time in all of her whole life.

3. At the end of the book, what does Fern claim is the most fun there is?
(a) When Wilbur is winning prizes at the County Fair.
(b) When she and Henry are stopped at the top of the Ferris wheel.
(c) When all the new baby animals are born each year.
(d) When she is sitting on a milk stool in the barn and listening to the animals.

4. How does Mrs. Zuckerman prepare Wilbur for the Fair?
(a) She ties big blue ribbon around his tail.
(b) She brushes his teeth.
(c) She gives him a buttermilk bath.
(d) She gives him a pep talk.

5. What does Templeton do to help Wilbur during the awarding of Wilbur's prize?
(a) He gathers one last piece of writing for Charlotte to copy in her web.
(b) He bites Wilbur's tail to wake him up when he faints.
(c) He brings Wilbur some food when the Zuckermans forget to feed him.
(d) He scares Uncle into running off.

Short Answer Questions

1. What reason does Charlotte give for weaving her webs for Wilbur?

2. What is the oldest sheep's idea for how Charlotte can get ideas for more words to write in her web?

3. What does Charlotte know when she hears the song of the crickets at the beginning of Chapter 15?

4. What does the author say Wilbur realizes is one of the most satisfying things in the world?

5. With whom does Fern ride the Ferris wheel?

Short Essay Questions

1. How is Charlotte's time and attention beginning to split as the trip to the County Fair approaches?

2. How can readers tell at the end of Chapter 21 that Wilbur is starting to grow up a little?

3. Why is life in the barn so good for Wilbur?

4. How has what is most important to Fern changed and how can you tell?

5. What can readers tell about Charlotte's position in the barn from the meeting the animals have?

6. What effect do Charlotte's webs start to have on Wilbur?

7. What lesson does the old sheep teach at the end of Chapter 12?

8. Why is Wilbur worrying during his first day at the Fair?

9. What kind of lullaby does Charlotte sing to Wilbur?

10. Why does Wilbur struggle when the men try to put him in the crate?

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