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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does Wilbur carry Charlotte's egg sac?
(a) In his mouth on top of his tongue.
(b) Tucked under his chin.
(c) Stuck behind his medal.
(d) Nestled behind his left ear.

2. What does Fern want when everyone is preparing to take Wilbur to the judges' stand to receive a special award?
(a) To get some money for the midway.
(b) To find Henry Fussy to come with them.
(c) To give Wilbur a bath in buttermilk to clean him.
(d) To have her picture taken with Wilbur.

3. What does Templeton do to help Wilbur during the awarding of Wilbur's prize?
(a) He bites Wilbur's tail to wake him up when he faints.
(b) He scares Uncle into running off.
(c) He brings Wilbur some food when the Zuckermans forget to feed him.
(d) He gathers one last piece of writing for Charlotte to copy in her web.

4. At the end of Chapter 18, how does Fern feel about the time she spent at the Fair?
(a) She says she didn't enjoy it too much because the Ferris wheel made her sick to her stomach.
(b) She says she had the best time she has ever had anywhere or any time in all of her whole life.
(c) She says she had a bad time because Avery and Henry Fussy kept teasing her.
(d) She says she couldn't enjoy herself very much because she was too worried about Wilbur.

5. Why does Mr. Zuckerman ask Lurvy to start building a crate for Wilbur?
(a) He is planning to take Wilbur to the County Fair.
(b) He intends to sell Wilbur to the farmer down the road.
(c) He wants to lock WIlbur up so no more webs will appear.
(d) He wants to keep Wilbur safe so no one will steal him.

Short Answer Questions

1. Where does Wilbur want Charlotte to come with him?

2. What happens when Lurvy tries to wake up Wilbur?

3. What is Mr. Zuckerman's dream about Wilbur?

4. According to Mr. Arable, the Fair is a good place to start doing what?

5. What was the greatest moment in Mr. Zuckerman's life?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why is life in the barn so good for Wilbur?

2. What kind of lullaby does Charlotte sing to Wilbur?

3. Why does Charlotte think that the word Templeton brings back for her last web is particularly appropriate for Wilbur?

4. How can readers tell at the end of Chapter 21 that Wilbur is starting to grow up a little?

5. How is Fern's attitude toward the animals beginning to change during the time she spends at the Fair?

6. Before he is to leave the Fair and return to the farm, why does Wilbur bring up the fact that he once thought Charlotte was cruel and bloodthirsty?

7. Which animals go to the Fair and why?

8. What lesson does the old sheep teach at the end of Chapter 12?

9. Does Wilbur act more like a child or an adult when it is time for him to go to sleep during his first night at the Fair?

10. How does Charlotte feel after finding out that Wilbur is to receive a special prize?

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