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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Which of the following is not an errand or favor that Templeton points out that he has done for Wilbur and Charlotte?
(a) Biting Wilbur's tail to wake him up after he fainted.
(b) Making trip after trip to the dump for magazine clippings.
(c) Saving Charlotte's life by scaring Avery away with the rotten goose egg.
(d) Chasing off Mrs. Zuckerman when she tried to dust away one of Charlotte's first attempts at writing.

2. How are Wilbur's destiny and Templeton's destiny linked, according to Charlotte?
(a) If anything happens to Wilbur, Templeton won't have any food to eat.
(b) They would make great pets for Fern and Avery.
(c) They can help each other become stars if they pool their talents.
(d) Mr. Zuckerman is plotting to get rid of both of them.

3. What do most of Charlotte's children do after they hatch?
(a) Make balloons and float away on the wind.
(b) Start spinning webs in all of the corners of the barn.
(c) Follow Wilbur around everywhere he goes.
(d) Beg Templeton to collect words for them to write.

4. Which of the following is not something Fern and Avery mention they want to do at the Fair?
(a) Steer a jet plane.
(b) Play the ring toss game.
(c) Eat and drink cheeseburgers and soda pop.
(d) Win a doll by spinning a wheel.

5. What happens when Lurvy tries to wake up Wilbur?
(a) He trips and falls into Mr. and Mrs. Arable.
(b) He gets red and embarassed when he is unable to wake the pig.
(c) He fans Wilbur with his new blanket.
(d) He drenches Mc. Zuckerman and Avery with a pail of water.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why did Charlotte want to make the Zuckermans think that Wilbur is an unusual pig?

2. According to Mr. Arable, the Fair is a good place to start doing what?

3. Who is missing from the meeting when Charlotte calls attendance?

4. When will all the babies be born on the farm?

5. What reason does Charlotte give for weaving her webs for Wilbur?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why does Wilbur struggle when the men try to put him in the crate?

2. Why is life in the barn so good for Wilbur?

3. What effect do Charlotte's webs start to have on Wilbur?

4. What can readers tell about Charlotte's position in the barn from the meeting the animals have?

5. Why might Charlotte's children mean so much to Wilbur?

6. What kind of lullaby does Charlotte sing to Wilbur?

7. Which animals go to the Fair and why?

8. How does Mrs. Arable feel about Fern's stories about the animals and what they talk about?

9. How is Charlotte's time and attention beginning to split as the trip to the County Fair approaches?

10. How is Fern's attitude toward the animals beginning to change during the time she spends at the Fair?

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