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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does Mr. Zuckerman get Wilbur to return to the pigpen?
(a) By reasoning with him.
(b) By luring him back with a pail full of slops.
(c) By trapping him in a net.
(d) By chasing him around and around the barn.

2. Which of the following is not a reason the lamb gives for not playing with Wilbur?
(a) The lamb doesn't play with pigs.
(b) The lamb is already busy playing with a calf.
(c) The lamb can't get into Wilbur's pen.
(d) The lamb is not interested in pigs.

3. How does the author describe a spider's web at the beginning of Chapter 9?
(a) Stringy and ugly.
(b) Made of thick, sticky cords.
(c) Easily broken.
(d) Stronger than it looks.

4. What does Mr. Arable say when Fern pleads with him to not kill the pig?
(a) That he's her father and she must listen to him.
(b) That he will sell it to her.
(c) That she should not be a silly, weak girl.
(d) That she will have to learn to control herself.

5. What reason does Mr. Arable give for why Fern gets to keep a pig?
(a) Mr. Arable is trying to teach her a lesson about responsibility.
(b) It is time for her to help out around the household.
(c) She was up at daylight, trying to rid the world of an injustice.
(d) He has been promising to give her a pet for a long time.

Short Answer Questions

1. Which of the following is not a piece of advice Charlotte gives Wilbur at the end of Chapter 9?

2. What does the goose advise Wilbur to do once the people notice he is free?

3. How would you describe Mr. Zuckerman's initial reaction to Charlotte's web?

4. What does the goose know about Wilbur's future that Wilbur does not yet?

5. What is Fern glad to see Wilbur knows how to do once he is moved outside?

Short Essay Questions

1. For what reason was Mr. Arable going to kill the runt?

2. What kind of a father is Mr. Arable described as being?

3. How would you describe the relationship between Fern and Wilbur in Chapter 2?

4. Why does Uncle Homer agree to buy Wilbur?

5. How does the web of relationships between Wilbur, Charlotte, and Fern shift at the end of Chapter 7?

6. What kind of voice does Wilbur use to call for his new friend, and what does this voice tell the reader about Wilbur's development at this point?

7. How does Mrs. Arable feel about all the time Fern is spending in the barn?

8. How would you describe Charlotte's personality and interactions with other barnyard animals in Chapter 6?

9. What is most remarkable about Wilbur's daily routine?

10. Why might Wilbur feel particularly betrayed that John Arable is in on the "conspiracy" to kill him?

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